Hey all and welcome to my eHarmony vs Match article! Being single certainly has its advantages: you don’t have to check in with anyone, answer to anyone or have to think about compromising for the sake of a relationship. However, at some point in time most people will want the companionship of someone else; someone who will be there for them in good times and bad, someone who will support them in their life decisions and cheer them on as they move towards their goals.

Given the proliferation of technology and the large scale availability of the internet, it is no surprise that dating has now gone digital (five facts about online dating). More and more the average person is looking towards online dating sites to aid them in their search for that special someone instead of cruising the bar scene or having to deal with your friends and family setting you up on crazy blind dates that only seem to make you frustrated. Enter sites like Match.com (my review here) and eHarmony.com (my review here) the two most popular, advertised, seemingly successful online dating sites in existence today.

eHarmony vs Match

To Match.com or to eHarmony.com that is the question. When it comes to the wonderful world of Paid online dating sites nothing is more correct than saying that Match.com and eHarmony.com are the best in the business, period. These two dating sites consistently score high marks among review sites and their customers (past and present) and with good reason. Their systems work and work well. So how do you choose among the best of the best if you can only afford to invest your time and money into one online dating site?

We’ve done the work for you in this eharmony vs Match review and put the best of the best against each other to see how well they stack up.

eHarmony vs Match: Ease of use/Site Navigation, Layout and Design

Both sites score high marks when it comes to this category. Both sites are easy to use, easily navigated and beautifully designed. eHarmony.com although beautifully designed has less frills than that of Match.com and is therefore less intimidating to use than Match.com for those who are new to the world of online dating or not that computer savvy. By no means does this mean that Match.com is more difficult to learn.


When it comes to membership and serious users again both sites score excellent marks. Without question both Match.com and eHarmony.com are immensely popular with active, serious members. Both websites have well over 15 million members and has members in different countries (including the US). Match.com takes it a step further and has websites in about 15 different languages.

Success Rates

Both Match.com and eharmony.com are constantly tooting their ability to successfully match compatible singles who are looking for a long term committed relationship and/or marriage. Unlike eHarmony, Match.com does not give specific figures on the singles that have gotten married because of using their online dating services. They do however state that they have inspired more than twice as many marriages as any other dating site in the world. With the many success stories that can be found about Match.com on the web, this is not an unbelievable claim.

Normally finding specific figures about the success rates of online dating websites is next to impossible; however, not when it comes to eHarmony as they give some very specific figures with respect to the number of married couples that met and gotten married through their website. eHarmony proudly states that they are responsible for a total of 438 marriages every single day within the US. Put another way eHarmony claims to be responsible for bringing together about 4% of all married couples in the United States.

Match vs eHarmony


This is where both sites differ. eHarmony.com membership fees are on the higher end of the online dating site spectrum. A one month eHarmony membership will cost you around US$59.95 while their six month membership will cost around US$179.75 or just under $30 each month. A one month Match.com subscription will only cost you around US$41.99, while their six month subscription will only cost you US$20.99. Essentially Match.com is almost $10 cheaper than eHarmony. Another distinct difference between Match.com and eHarmony is that Match.com offers what they call the Match.com guarantee.


Both Match.com and eHarmony.com are not lacking in the features department. They both have something for everyone combining both the standard online dating features with features that they have specifically created to suit the needs of their respective audiences. You can check out more details in terms of features and other criteria in the complete reviews of Match and eHarmony.

eHarmony vs Match: Who Should Use Them

Match.com caters to younger single men and women who are searching for a long term relationship and marriage. eHarmony too caters to single men and woman who are searching for that special person for a committed relationship or marriage; however, they tend to appeal to older singles. Both sites place great emphasis on helping to connect people who are looking for commitment and/or marriage. eHarmony on the other hand only caters to heterosexual singles, whereas Match.com caters to heterosexuals, gays (best gay dating sites), lesbians (best lesbian dating sites) and more. Additionally when it comes to membership you will find that eHarmony has a larger senior population (best senior dating sites) than that of Match.com; however, Match.com currently has one of the fastest growing senior members online. If you are of more mature age, be sure to refer to best senior dating sites.

which is better match or eharmony

eHarmony vs Match Verdict

Since both online dating sites are so good at what they do it is difficult to select a clear cut winner. Both sites are popular, use systems that have been proven to work and focus on bringing single people together. Choosing the best is therefore completely up to you, your budget and your preferences. For instance if you are gay or lesbian then Match.com will be your go to site as eHarmony only caters to heterosexual singles. If you are on a tighter budget then Match.com is going to fit into your lifestyle over eHarmony.

If you lack time, are not so confident in starting up a conversation with a potential match or would prefer to have your potential matches selected based on research and a proven matching system then definitely sign up for eHarmony as they take the guess work out of match selection. Match.com does give you the opportunity to pay for the services of a matchmaking expert, but that is an additional cost, whereas this is already taken care of in the eHarmony system. Be sure to check out either best dating sites for men or best dating sites for women. Or my overall best dating sites article! I hope you all enjoyed my article on eHarmony vs Match!

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eHarmony vs Match Winner – Too Close to Call