Hey all and welcome to my best dating sites for 20s article! Chances are if you’re in your 20s and single you are a member or have tried online dating, be it from your own efforts, that of your friends or even because of a dare or prank. After all we do live in the 21st Century and in this day and age online dating is very much a part of the way that we meet, connect and establish relationships with other singles. Or put another way online dating is as accepted as another means of meeting potential dates as is going to the bar or a social event. If you heard that online dating was fort the socially inept individual or the nerd who longs to be someone else then forget that image instantly, as online dating has now become something that nearly everyone does. In fact if you are in your 20s and seriously thinking about creating an online dating profile for the first time then you’re in good company as chances are many of your friends, family members and even acquaintances already have online dating profiles. To make your plunge into the wonderful world of online dating easier we have put together a list of the best dating sites for 20s and trust us there is something for everyone. Let’s get right into the best dating sites for 20s article!

Best Dating Sites for 20s

 #1 SpeedDate.com – No Commitment, Just Fun

Most people in their 20s are not searching for long and lasting love that will eventually lead to marriage. Instead these young people are searching for a nice person to hang out with and have some fun. Sure there are some 20 year olds that want a more permanent partner; however, for the most part it is all about hanging out, going out on dates, discovering themselves and  having a good time. Enter Speeddate.com. If you have ever been to a speed dating event then you will be instantly familiar with the concept of this online dating site. They operate on the concept of “Real Dates in Real Time” and they certainly do a good job at maintaining this. SpeedDate.com allows their users to go out on 5 minute virtual dates with other members until you find someone (or someone finds you) that you would like to connect with. SpeedDate.com is great for the 20 year old who wishes to just meet new people in a fun non-committed way. No pressure to get married just plain old fun times. Best of all is this website is completely free to use and enjoy. We recommend this website only for the casual dater or those who just want to hang out and have some fun. Sign up for a six month paid membership to get some additional perks and benefits. Click here to check out the complete review of SpeedDate.com.

#2 DateHookup.com – No Commitment Dating

DateHookup.com has got to be the one of the best dating sites for 20s College students and young adults located primarily in the United States. This site is exactly what is sounds like, a place to hookup with other singles. So much so that there is no option to specify what type of relationship you are searching for as they are not in the business of creating lasting relationships. DateHookup, like SpeedDate is free to use, which fits into the budget of many College students. Free also works as for the most part people in their 20s would rather spend money on the date itself instead of spending money on registering for an online dating site. DateHookup has a lot of members particularly because it is a free to use website. Feel free to give dateHookup a try is all you really want is to go out on a few dates and just hang out and have fun. Click here to check out the complete review of DateHookup.com.

#3 HowAboutWe – A Fresh Take on Dates

Another great place to meet, connect and go out on dates is on HowAboutWe.com. This online dating site offers a fresh new take on online dating. HowAboutWe places a lot of emphasis on taking online dating “Offline”. Single members are connected with other single users primarily through their ‘Date Ideas’. Members will create “Date Ideas” which would be similar to a date profile on other sites. Members search through these ‘Date Ideas’ and then connect with someone who has an idea that interests them. Here you will find some of the most unique date ideas and for the most part no two ideas will be the same. One could spend an entire afternoon being captivated by the many date ideas suggestions to be found.  HowAboutWe is not a paid dating site; however, it is quite affordable. A six month membership will cost you less than $12 each month. We recommend spending at least six months on the site as there are so many ‘Date Ideas’ to experience that you will need that time to get to find and enjoy them. Click here to check out the complete review of HowAboutWe.

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#4 Match.com – We’re getting Serious Now

Since not everyone in their 20s wants to enter into frivolous relationships and meaningless hookups we recommend investing in a Match.com membership. Match.com is an incredibly popular and trusted online dating that adequately caters to all ages. In fact it is one of the best dating sites for 20s singles. Sure you do have to pay for a Match.com membership, but its many features, excellent matching system, and Match guarantee makes a six month membership all the more worth it. Additionally they have had a considerable amount of success in bringing compatible singles together for long term relationships or even marriage. Click here to check out the complete review of Match.com. Also refer to this forum for additional information. I suggest checking out some comparison articles such as: eHarmony vs MatchZoosk vs MatchMatch vs OkCupidMatch vs PoF and Chemistry vs Match!

#5 ChristianMingle.com

ChristianMingle.com is quite possibly one of the best Christian dating sites around for the single Christian who wants to connect with other Christian singles. This site was created for Christians by Christians. The site comes with a lot of great features such as their matching system, prayer requests and discussion boards. Because it is primarily geared towards Christians you are more likely to find someone who shares similar interests, concerns and challenges. As getting to know someone takes time, spend at least six months on this site for the best results. Click here to check out the complete review of ChristianMingle.com. If you are Christian, you will also find this article about the best Christian dating sites very helpful. You also might be interested in my article on the best Christian dating websites!

Conclusion on the Best Dating Sites for 20s

From my research, these websites are the best dating sites for people in their 20s. Now get out there and try some of these out! Good luck on your search for the right one! Some other popular articles are the best online dating websites, dating websites for young people and the best dating websites for professionals!