Yes, it is! Now go and become an eHarmony member. 🙂 Okay fun and jokes aside, so there is more to answering the question: is eHarmony worth it? So here is our take on the super popular online dating website.

Hey all and welcome to my “is eHarmony worth it” article! Online dating is no joke, although many people take it as such and to be honest there are many things to laugh about when engaging in online dating.

We have seen some hilarious first messages that have left us in tears from laughter. However, online dating gets serious when you are thinking about shelling out big bucks in membership fees in hopes of finding that special someone to call your own.

When you have completely finished reading this critical breakdown of eHarmony, I suggest checking out their website for more information. Also if you decide that it is a site that matches your style, you should watch out for the free communication weekends that they offer.

Is eHarmony Worth It

So in your quest to find that special someone online, you have come across the popular online dating site called eHarmony. Well, it’s no surprise that you have come across eHarmony as they have spent a considerable amount of money on advertisements to get there name out there.

You don’t even need to be online to hear about eHarmony as they also have a lot of television ads. eHarmony is a paid online dating site that primarily caters to people who are serious about finding a suitable partner for a long-term relationship and marriage.

One thing that stands out about eHarmony is the investment in website design and layout. The design is very clean and user-friendly. The learning curve for eHarmony is one of the shortest of all dating websites. Check out the design of eHarmony for yourself.

Not only is eHarmony a paid online dating site, but the eHarmony membership cost is relatively high (update: Prices are now significantly lower to compete with dating applications). That being said we certainly cannot blame you for wanting to find out whether or not the site does what it says it will, whether or not it is worth becoming an eHarmony member. You might want to check out our eHarmony review article as well. Let’s find out if eharmony is worth it!

We mentioned before that eHarmony is a paid online dating site, but what does this mean? Essentially because one has to pay to become an eHarmony member, you find that it attracts people who are genuinely searching for someone special and not just looking for the next best thing or a quick hookup.

What also helps to separate further the people who are serious about finding someone from the casual dater is its hefty price tag. Becoming an eHarmony member is not the cheapest and is indeed not something that the average user of free online dating sites will spend.

On average a one-month eHarmony membership will cost you close to 60 dollars with the best deal being their one-year membership fee that works out to around $20 per month, be prepared to spend more than US$200 at once to get this discounted rate. Update: these prices have significantly changed, and you can now get the harmony for around $8.

eHarmony is open to just about everyone except Gays and Lesbians (sorry guys). Instead, the site directs gays and lesbians to one of their sister online dating sites. You can check out our review of the best online dating sites for Gays and Lesbians here.

Like, eHarmony will have certain specials where non-paid embers can gain access to some of the site’s features. Of course, the best features will be reserved for paid members but at least you can test out the site during their free trial period.

eHarmony is by no means short on the features department with their best-selling feature being their comprehensive, unique matching system that their creators spent many years developing and testing.

eHarmony also has such premium services such as Secure Call (a private, safe way to talk to your matches one-on-one via the phone without giving out their number), RelyID (an ID verification service), and their Premium Personality Profile (which is an extended version of the normal Personality Profile).

eHarmony is no doubt incredibly popular; however, it is important to note that they didn’t become so popular because of their numerous TV and online advertisements. One of the main reasons for their immense success in attracting new members is due to their documented success stories and rates.

Normally it would be incredibly difficult to find evidence that backs up the claims of success for online dating sites; however, this is not the case for eHarmony. They are so proud of their incredible success that they are constantly putting those figures out there for the public to see.

eHarmony has proudly claimed responsibility for about 438 marriages every day within the United States. To some this figure might not seem like much; however, if you think about it, that’s more than 13,000 marriages each month or well over 150,000 marriages per year.

Now that’s an achievement worth mentioning. eHarmony also states that their couples are happier than the couples on other online dating sites. This is a very big claim and one that is not easily measured.

eHarmony does have its fair share of annoyances that we feel that you should be aware of before signing up for one of their membership options. For starters completing the eHarmony profile can feel like a second job as it is a very tedious process.

Some people have noted that the process takes an average of an hour or more to complete. Sadly they do not cater to the gay and lesbian community. Therefore, these individuals will not have the opportunity to honestly get to enjoy one of the best dating sites online. Some people see their high cost as a negative, but we believe that their high cost serves to increase the likelihood that you will be paired with someone who is truly interested in a long-term relationship and marriage.

Finally, eHarmony does not allow you to search for your matches manually. Instead, the system selects people who they think is a good fit for you based on your answers to their questions. This can sometimes be seen as a good thing, especially if you are a very busy individual with limited time, but to someone who likes to take control of who they date or even make contact with, this can be a huge turnoff.

Here is how eHarmony stacks up against some of the biggest names in online dating such as, and even free sites such as OkCupid. I suggest you check out my top online dating sites next.

So is eHarmony Worth it?

If you are genuinely seeking to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, then eHarmony is the place you want to be. Filled with relevant online dating features, people who share your interest in finding someone special and tools that make communicating with your potential date safe and secure eHarmony shows you how a quality online dating site operates.

  • Make sure you check out the eHarmony site here for more the most current info on prices and features. They now let you browse your potential matches for free without even paying.

We wholeheartedly recommend using eHarmony in your quest for love and romance.  Still looking for more great online dating site suggestions, then check out our review of the best free and paid online dating sites. I hope by now you know whether or not eharmony is worth it for you!

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