Hey all and welcome to my article on What Makes a Good Girlfriend! So you have found yourself a girlfriend, whether you found her online or offline it doesn’t matter, you found her and you are happy. Great, now it is time to determine whether you have a future with her or not. Is she going to be the best girlfriend that a man could possibly ask for or is she going to be a complete psychopath? Here we will explore what makes a good girlfriend and the qualities that she should possess.

Finding the perfect girlfriend (here is a test to find out) isn’t easy, but it is not impossible either. Now we know that men and women have different opinions on the qualities that make up a perfect girlfriend, but we can also agree that there are certain qualities that every good girlfriend will have. We have gone ahead and found the most desirable qualities in a woman that makes her a good girlfriend and listed them here in an easy to understand article. This list is not in any order of importance nor is a comprehensive list of the qualities of a good girlfriend. Let’s not waste any time and find out What Makes a Good Girlfriend! Also make sure to check out my article on what makes a good boyfriend and things to get your boyfriend!

What Makes a Good Girlfriend

She is Independent

No one wants to be a babysitter when they are supposed to be in a relationship. Sure it is okay to be her shoulder to cry on after a hard day at work, but if she cannot do anything without you then you will eventually feel like your suffocating in the relationship. A good girlfriend is an independent woman, a woman who has a life outside of the relationship, a woman who it seems you are constantly learning about because she has other interests.

She is Intelligent

Are you able to have a discussion with your girlfriend outside of the bedroom? Sure the sex may be amazing, and sure she might look super hot; however, a good girlfriend is also an intelligent woman. After all, what will you talk abut after the sex is over? An intelligent women will keep you on your toe and surprise you. Being around her means that you are rarely bored and wont get complacent. Just a quick note here; a good girlfriend wont flaunt her intelligence in an effort to put you down.

She is Sexual

A good girlfriend is someone who is sexually compatible with you. If she is into S&M and you are more of the Vanilla type then clearly you are going to have issues. In a relationship both parties have to be on the same page sexually, or at least be willing to work on satisfying each others needs. Great sex will bring you both closer. Additionally a good woman will also find out what pleases you in bed and make an effort to do these things.

She Loves You

A good woman will love you unconditionally and for who you are, not for who she wants you to be or how you pretend to be or for what she can get from you. We all have annoying habits and if she is able to love you in spite of those habits then you have found gold in your woman. If your woman’s face and/or voice genuinely lights up when you pay her a surprise visit or call then you know she loves you.

But She Also Loves Herself

A good girlfriend will not only love you, she will also love herself. She knows that no one will love her unless she loves herself and she exudes confidence because she is comfortable with herself. A good girlfriend will also do things to make others happy as this in turn makes her feel happy as well.

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She Makes you Want to Be a Better Man

Don’t look so surprised men. Men with amazing girlfriends (or even wives) will tell you that she makes them want to be a better man. You just feel compelled to be that way, she doesn’t have to say or do anything to get that reaction from you. If you notice that you are finally getting the education that you always talked about or improving your credit score because you are with a particular woman then hold onto her as you, my friend, have found a keeper.

She Shows You Respect

Men we probably didn’t need to tell you this as most of you already know that you want a woman who respects you and a good girlfriend will do just that. But what does this respect mean exactly? A good girlfriend will never make public your private disagreements, she will never talk down to you in public, she WILL listen to you even during the most heated disagreements an she will do her best to see things from your perspective. This is definitely one key ingredient of what makes a good girlfriend.

She Let’s You be A Man

As a man you want to be just that in the relationship “a man”. A good girlfriend will not insist on always having the last say or that she get things her way all the time, instead she allows her man to take control and do things the way he thinks is right. Good girlfriends also understand that men and women are different and thus has no problem with you being you. She doesn’t demand that you cancel Monday night football with the boys, nor does she force you to go on a vegetarian only diet (unless you need to for health purpose and in this case she is merely acting as your accountability buddy).

She Doesn’t Nag – Unnecessarily

A good woman is one who knows when to push your buttons and when to back off. She will not nag you for every little thing because she knows that no man has ever decided to change his ways because he is nagged. Of course if you both live together and you disappear for an entire night without calling her, then you do deserve any nagging that comes your way. Remember men that even great girlfriends have their limits.

She Get’s Along with Your Family and Friends

Does your girlfriend genuinely makes an effort to get to know your family and friends? Is she willing to help your family with Christmas dinner or do her best to understand your best friend’s crazy sense of humor? A good girlfriend will not only be there for you but will also be able to empathize with your family and friends when they are down, she will even come up with ideas to make them feel better.

She Shows you that She Appreciates You

A good girlfriend will show her man that she appreciates his efforts. She will let him know how much she appreciates you and how important you are to her, especially when you make her feel loved and special. She knows that doing this will make her man feel better about both himself and the relationship.

She Compliments You

Speaking of appreciation good girlfriends understand that men too feel insecure and as such they know just when to stroke his ego. She understands that you want to feel just as attractive and desired as much as she does and as such she will tell you what she loves about you or how much you turn her on.

She Doesn’t Take You For Granted

Men we know that this goes without saying but we will say it anyway, a goo girlfriend is one who will never take you for granted. She will continue to appreciate the little things that you do for her whether you have been together for two months or 20 years. She also will not get lazy and complacent in the relationship by no longer doing things that you like whether it is cooking the meals that you love, or trying new things in bed or even giving you a massage when you have had a bad day.

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She Looks Good for You

Guys this doesn’t mean that she buys expensive designer clothes or dresses like a showgirl (unless that is her distinct style). A good girlfriend will take the time to look her best for both her man and herself She will be properly groomed, well put together in clothes that highlight her best features. A good woman will take care of her body by working out and eating right. She will always maintain her looks regardless of the stage of the relationship because she wants to be her best for you and her. This also includes wearing the right scents, makeup, jewelry etc.

She Gives You Space, She Has A Life

We know, we know, men simply hate it when a woman is all over them – constantly, making them feel like they cannot breathe. Good girlfriends give men the space that they need. They are not constantly calling or texting them, they don’t pressure their man and ask him about every single detail about his whereabouts. Instead they back off, let go and allow him to live, eve if they are not around. Of course a good girlfriend is able to easily do this because she has her own life to live. She has her own friends that she hangs out with so she wont go crazy if a few hours goes by without hearing from you.

Her Personality Doesn’t Suck

Chances are most guys here have had to deal with the ‘Negative Nancy’s” the kind of woman that never have anything positive to say about their lives, jobs or relationships; the kind of woman that nothing ever seems to go right for. These women suck the life out of you and kills the relationship. A good girlfriend on the other-hand has a pleasing personality, a personality that is inviting and filled with positivity. If your woman has a pleasing personality then guys don’t let her go. This is one of the most important factors for What Makes a Good Girlfriend!

Final Thoughts on What Makes a Good Girlfriend

Guys, we would just like to emphasize that this is not a one-size-fits all description of a good girlfriend, nor is this a comprehensive list. We know that some of these qualities will mean more to some men than others, and we are also aware of the fact that different cultures will place greater value on some qualities than others and that is completely fine. This list is merely to be used as a guidelines to know whether or not the woman that you are dating has the qualities of a good girlfriend or not. Also please bear in mind that your girlfriend need not have everything on this list to be considered a good girlfriend. As long as she has the most important qualities to you, then that is all that matters. At the very least ladies you can use this list to weed out the crappy girlfriends in your lives. Well I hope you all liked my article on What Makes a Good Girlfriend! If you’re interested in online dating make sure to check out my article on the best online dating sites as well is my most popular comparison article: eHarmony vs Match!

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