Hey all and welcome to my article on the signs of a healthy relationship! One of the most common things that people think about when they are in a relationship is whether or not this is the right relationship for them. Now most times they ask the question: what are the signs of a healthy relationship, when things seem to not be going their way, but we have found that even seemingly happy couples ask themselves this question (even if it is secretly). In fact so common is this question that doing a simple Google search for “Signs of a healthy Relationship” will yield more than 7.5 million results. Not only will you get results for signs of a healthy relationship, but you will also see search suggestions such as “healthy relationship quiz”, “what is a good relationship”, “signs of an unhealthy relationship” and much more. Now the answer to this question quite subjective and is going to depend on a number of factors such as:

  1. Culture
  2. Religious belief
  3. Gender
  4. Socialization
  5. Past experiences
  6. Current situation

However, in all relationships regardless of the above-mentioned factors there are some crystal clear signs that things are going well between two people, whether they met online or offline. We hope that this article gives you an insight into the signs of a healthy relationship and give you some guidelines of the things to look out for. After all it is better to know whether your relationship is good or bad before you continue to invest your time and energy into it. Let’s get right into my article on the signs of a healthy relationship! Also check out my article on what makes a good girlfriend, what makes a good boyfriend and online dating safety tips.

Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

No One Plays Games

You have probably seen that movie “Two Can Play That Game” or have at least heard about it. There are so many things out there that promote playing games in order to attract and keep a man or woman. Now do not confuse information that helps you to be the best you in order to attract a man or woman, as what we are talking about playing games with people in order to get what you want. Sadly when we play these games we make our relationships harder than they need to be (and believe us when we say that a healthy relationship already takes a lot of work).

A healthy relationship isn’t one where sex is used as a tool to get what you want, where conversations become texts, where honesty disappears in place of lies, where love is used out of context (or in the case of some men to bed a woman), where being hurt begins to feel natural and insecurities is a part of your daily lives. Playing mind games in order to make people feel bad or get what you want, well just doesn’t make for a good relationship. A healthy relationship men and woman is one that is free of all games and is instead filled with honesty.

You are Both on the Same Page

A healthy relationship is one in which everyone shares the same views and has the same expectations of the relationship. If one person enters a casual relationship and doesn’t inform the other that they want a committed relationship, then chances are it will never lead to a committed relationship. This is because the other person is obviously not aware of your true intentions or expectations for the relationship. A healthy relationship is one is which both parties are completely straightforward with each other from the beginning or at the point they realize that their relationship needs have changed. If being straightforward makes the person run away from you, then chances are it never was to be.

Communication is Honest and Clear and Always Open

In a healthy relationship no one person is afraid to engage in certain conversations. Both partners feel comfortable saying what they mean and mean what they say. A healthy relationship is not one in which people are expected to read each other’s minds or play foolish games, nor do they tell half-truths. A healthy relationship is all about listening without defending and speaking without offending. Healthy couples communicate clearly, honestly and openly.

You Communicate About Sex

Speaking about communication one of the signs of a healthy relationship is when both parties can communicate about everything, including matters of the bedroom. Sex, like it or not, is a important part of a relationship. Couples are generally happier with their relationship when they are completely open with each other about their sexual needs and satisfied with their partner. A healthy relationship is one in which two mature individual adults are comfortable speaking about sex between themselves.

communication is a good relationship

And Sometimes You Don’t Talk At All

Sounds contradictory we know but sometimes being in a healthy relationship means being in the same room together without even speaking to one another and instead just enjoying each other’s company. In healthy relationships there are times when being in the same room as the other person without speaking is enough.

Actions Match Words

Any healthy relationship quiz will tell you that your words must match your actions. In essence you if you tell someone that you love them, your daily actions and how you consistently treat them should also tell them that you love them. Healthy couples do things on a daily basis that let’s their loved ones know that they care deeply for them. The reality is that you can tell someone that you love them a million times; however, if you don’t want to show them through your actions that you love them your words will never be sincere to them. Let your actions confirm your words.

Do not Expect Perfection

Let’s get something clear right now: a real relationship is an imperfect relationship. However, the relationship can be all that you dreamed of if you are both willing to put the hard work into making it that way. Being in a healthy relationship means that you do not expect your loved ones to be a certain way, but instead love and appreciate them for the person that they are. Even couples in healthy relationships will experience problems, it only appears perfect on the outside because even when times are hard these couples would not wish to be anywhere else.

Outsiders Remain Outside

Sometimes from the outside looking in a relationship doesn’t always make sense; however, they are not the ones involved in the relationship – you are. Healthy relationships do not allow outsiders to run their relationship and any healthy relationship quiz will tell you this. Couples in healthy relationships work out their relationship issues among themselves instead of with someone else.

Personal Growth is Celebrated, Embraced and Shared

Healthy relationships are ones in which you find yourself in your partner. In a healthy relationship you partner helps you to find the best you, because being around them encourages you to become your best self. You can think about it this way; when you both meet and start dating be it online or offline you do not meet their best self; however, as you spend more and more time with each other and fostering each other’s growth you both grow into your best self.

Everything or Nothing at All

A healthy relationship is one in which both parties are totally committed to each other. In the right relationship you are either in or out, period. There is no halfway or sorta or kinda there. This level of commitment\means sticking with your partner regardless of the challenges that may arise.


One of the main signs of a healthy relationship is trust. Trust is everything. Any healthy relationship quiz will tell you that without trust the other positive elements of relationship is non-existent. Think about it; can you be truly comfortable with your partner if you do not trust them? If they went out, or said they were working late you would automatically assume that they were cheating on you. Sometime like this is certainly not the foundation of a healthy relationship.

trust in a relationship is good

You Accept Each Other’s Past

Everyone has a past and often times that past includes a previous lover. It is important that when you are discovering the past of your current significant other you understand and accept the fact that there might be someone else other than yourself. In healthy relationships no one tries to demonize someone’s ex(es) or flat out refuse to hear about them, because if you do you are essentially cutting out a big part of their life. Remember that yes the present is all that matters, but be open to discussing these topics, with the knowledge that the past is in the past.

Privacy is Respected

Sure we know that when you are in a serious relationship that “what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours” and that is all good and well; however, each individual has the right to have their privacy respected. There is no need to share everything or for the other person to be involved in everything. Yes this means no searching through their phone or emails. If you feel the need to search their phone or emails, then this is a clear indication that there is simply no trust between both of you and that is not a sign of a healthy relationship.

Passion and Endeavors are Supported

In healthy relationships both parties support each other’s passions, endeavors or life ambitions whether they appeal to you or not. This is because couples in healthy relationships want to see their significant other being successful doing something that they love and are passionate about simply because they love them. This means that you will be there for them when they do decide to pursue their dreams and goals and not get in the way by putting them down and trying to discourage them. This is one of the most important signs of a healthy relationship!

Conclusion on the Signs of a Healthy Relationship

In the end ladies and gentlemen all we can do is give you some insight into what a healthy relationship looks like, as the decision truly rests on you to determine whether or not you wish to be in or stay in a particular relationship. What you will find; however, is that even healthy relationship quiz will tell you (after you completed the quiz) that most (if not all) of the points listed above do make up a healthy relationship. I hope you all got something valuable out of my signs of a healthy relationship article! If you are interested in online dating you might also like my article on the top dating websites as well as my popular comparison article: eHarmony vs Match!

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