Zoosk Pricing – Current monthly subscription costs for 2019

Currently, you can get Zoosk for as cheap as $12.49 per month. The prices for a Zoosk subscription change from time to time.

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how much does zoosk cost

If you are wondering how much does Zoosk cost? These are the most current Zoosk subscription membership prices for 2019.

So…do you have to pay for Zoosk? Although Zoosk does offer a completely free account, you get access to so much more features with a paid subscription.

With a free account, you can add pictures, set up your profile, search and filter for people near you, add people to your favorites list and a few extra things.

The problem comes down to when you want to communicate with the members on the website. You are severely limited in what you can do with the free account.

I thought this was a cool little video put out by Zoosk “first comes like”.

Current Zoosk subscription costs in the United States

Subscription Length*Monthly PricePercent Saving
6 Months$29.9558%
3 Months$19.9833%
1 Month$12.490%

*At the time of this writing, there is not a 12 month Zoosk subscription option.

As you can see, the price for Zoosk decreases for the longer subscription lengths. The six-month subscription price is almost 1/3 of the price per month as the month by month membership.

I don’t recommend signing up for the month by month membership because it is pretty expensive to shell out $30 per month.

Another thing to note is that when you sign up for any subscription length, your card will be charged the full length of the subscription. You do not get charged on a month by month basis.

Current costs for Zoosk coins

PriceCoins recieved

To me, it seems kind of silly that Zoosk asks for his members to pay into separate ways. The Zoosk coins are not completely necessary in order to use the majority of the functions on the website. Below I will be talking about the differences between both of them.

Zoosk subscription vs Zoosk coins, what’s the difference?

The Zoosk subscription gets you to access the majority of the necessary features you will need in order to match and communicate with the other users on the website.

The Zoosk subscription will get you access to the advanced search and filter features on the website, access to view any members full profile including all images. You will have the ability to message in the user that you would like to (the most important). As a subscriber, you are also sent compatibility matches based on who you are looking for, your likes and dislikes. You also have access to the carousel feature which is similar to tinder where you can swipe left or right depending on whether you are attracted to the profiles that Zoosk shows you. You cannot, however, unlock matches that are done on carousel without using coins.

zoosk cost

Zoosk coins are kind of like a virtual currency that can only be used on the Zoosk platform. They can be used to promote your self and your profile in a variety of different ways on the website or app. In order to purchase Zoosk coins, you do not need to be a subscribing member. Both subscribers, as well as free accounts, can purchase Zoosk coins separately. Although I highly recommend if you are going to pay for something, that it be the subscription as you unlock a lot more features than you will with Zoosk coins alone.

The most popular way to use Zoosk coins is to purchase profile boosts. By boosting your profile you will show up in the search results a lot easier than you normally would without boosting. This gets more eyes on your profile, thus leading to more matches.

The next way you can use Zoosk coins is in the carousel mode. Once you match with somebody in the carousel, you don’t automatically get permission to talk to them in less you unlock the match with Zoosk coins.

You can also use your Zoosk coins in order to purchase virtual gifts for other members. This is a good way to start a conversation off but can be pricey.

The last feature for the coins is being able to see when your messages have been open and read by another member on Zoosk. It’s similar to how Facebook messenger shows when a person has read your message.

Ways to earn Zoosk coins for free

There are however various ways that you could earn Zoosk coins without paying for them. You can get these coins whether you are a subscribing member to Zoosk or simply have the free account.

If you become a fan of their Facebook page you will earn 17 Zoosk coins. If you get a friend to sign up even for the free account you earn 17 Zoosk coins. If you download the Zoosk application on your smart phone you will be rewarded with 30 Zoosk coins. You can earn Zoosk coins by completing various surveys on the website.

You can even receive Zoosk coins by signing up for certain credit cards. The last way of earning Zoosk coins for free is by entering the daily raffle. It is very unlikely you will win Zoosk coins from the raffle, but it is possible.

My recommendation

My overall recommendation in regards to purchasing the Zoosk subscription or Zoosk coins is to simply start out with the monthly Zoosk subscription. So that you are paying $30 a month, I recommend going with the six-month plan.

Being a subscriber will unlock plenty of features and let you communicate with the millions of active Zoosk members that are using the website. Communication is the most important factor after all and with the search and filter feature,s you will be able to find all of the members that you are looking for.

If you want to try out some of the additional features that you can receive with coins, I suggest trying some of the free methods I mentioned above. Also purchasing a few coins is not a bad idea because sometimes the profile boost option can really lead to a lot more matches then you normally would have.

Conclusion on Zoosk pricing

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen! So how much does Zoosk cost? It can be free if you are willing to be patient and earn coins by recommending friends to their service.

Besides that, the monthly subscription prices range between $12.50 all the way up to $30 per month.

The price for Zoosk coins range between $20 and $100 depending on how many coins you want (180 to 1800 coins).

Let me know what you guys thought of my article. Have you guys tried out the Zoosk dating service? What did you think about the Zoosk coins/subscription options? Leave me a comment on below as I would like to hear all of your opinions on Zoosk. Talk to you guys and gals soon!