Hey all and welcome to my match vs PoF article! Whether you’re single because you recently ended a long term relationship or you have been searching traditionally to no avail, it is no secret that adding online dating to your dating strategy will certainly improve your chances of finding the kind of relationship that you are looking for. Finding the kind of relationship online is somewhat similar to finding the right one offline, you must go to where they guy/girl that you want hangs out. for instance if you want someone who likes to party chances are your best bet might be the bar or a club; however, if you are looking for someone who is into arts and history your success is increased if you visit a museum or art show. Likewise the same applies to the digital dating world, looking for marriage then check out Match.com and if you are looking for hookups, friends and everything in-between then PoF is the place to be. So can these two sites actually compete with each other? Which sites is better Match or PoF? Read on to see how both sites stack up against each other. Let’s get right into my Match vs PoF article! I also recommend checking out the individual reviews for Match and plenty of fish!

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Match vs PoF Overview

Match is a paid online dating site that takes great pride in their ability to match compatible singles that are interested in finding a long term relationship or a marriage partner. PoF on the other hand a free online dating website that is mainly concerned in being a meeting place for all kinds of people with a mixture of varying interests. Their job is not to get you married or even find you a long term partner, unlike Match, they just want to bring you together for whatever type of relationship that you need. That being said most PoF members are merely looking to meet new people, score a few quick hookups and just to connect with different people.

Match vs PoF

Ease of Use / Site Navigation, Layout and Design

Match is a beautifully designed site that is easily navigated. It might be daunting to the new online dater at first; however, they will quickly get used the site’s navigation system. It certainly cannot be said that PoF is an amazingly beautiful site. At best the site can be described as overly simplistic because of its very basic and simple design. At worst… well some might call it downright ugly. Sure the design of the site is not as inviting as Match; however, it is a free dating site so if you can overlook the look and feel of the site you might find some pretty cool gems.


Match.com is popular without question, with their over 15 million members it is one of the largest online dating sites around. They operate in 15 different languages in over 20 countries. However, when it comes to true popularity, without question PoF is by far the largest online dating site around with well over 32 million users. With that many users you are literally guaranteed to meet someone who shares your interests. PoF also has a good male to female ratio which sadly not all online dating sites have.


PoF is a completely free online dating site. That is its main pull. They give you all the standard online dating features for free all you have to do is deal with all of the advertisements that fill the website. Utilizing their paid service will eliminate those ads and give you a few extra that makes the site a bit more fun to use. Match on the other hand is a paid site (as previously stated). A one month Match.com membership will cost you a little over $40; however, you can get a much cheaper rate by signing up for their six month membership is just over $20 each month which is excellent compared to the tremendous value that this site offers.


Beginning of the year deals :)
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PoF is a relatively simple online dating site with the standard features that every online dating site has. Users can create profiles, take the relationship needs assessment test, add photos, and take the relationship chemistry predictor test and more. You can also upgrade your membership to remove ads and to see whether your messages were read or not. Match on the other hand has the standard online dating features and then some. A few of their additional features include: MatchWords, this is similar to the keywords that we use in our favorite search engine and their professional matchmaker that will do the searching for you (provided that you are a platinum member) to name a few.

PoF vs Match

Match vs PoF: Who Should Use Then

Basically PoF should be used by anyone who is looking to meet new people, make new fr4iends, casual relationship and to who wants to score a quick hookup. Match is more suited for the single man or woman who is looking for a long term relationship or marriage. Now it is possible for you to use PoF to find true love and happiness as this has happened before. Just know that you will have to kiss many frogs before you find your Prince or Princess.

The Verdict

Use Match if you want a long term relationship; just make sure to sign up for a 6 to 12 month membership to get the best out of the site. Combine your Match membership with a PoF membership for more exposure and for variety. Be sure to check out the complete reviews of Match and POF and come to your own verdict.

The Winner of Match vs PoF

Match.com hands down is the better of these two sites. PoF does have its purposes but with its many drawbacks such as less than attractive designs, lack of customer service and far too many ads it lacks the ability to entice serious online daters. Check out best online dating sites to see how these stack up against the rest. Once you decide on which sites to use, be sure to check out online dating tips for men and online dating tips for women. I hope you all learned something valuable from my match vs PoF article! I highly suggest you check out my most popular comparison article for the top today websites in my opinion here: eHarmony vs Match

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