Hey Ladies and welcome to my article on the best dating sites for women!

The way that single women connect with single men or other single women has been completely revolutionized by the emergence of online dating.

With the challenges that single people face in today’s dating world, it just makes sense that more and more individuals are using the internet to meet and connect with potential suitors.

Imagine how difficult it must be to find the time to date traditionally working in a job that demands that you travel regularly, or spend lots of late nights at the office.

A job like that leaves no time for one to go out indeed and meet someone let alone spend the quality time that is needed to make that deep connection.

People that fall into this type of lifestyle have little choice (yes some people do make it work and date traditionally) but to explore the wonderful world of online dating.

Besides, we now live in a world that is always evolving and therefore using an online dating site is just our way of saying that our dating habits have changed.

Online dating has made location barriers less of a concern in many relationships and has even served to improve the communication process especially where one or both parties find it difficult to break the ice.

As online dating has grown so much in popularity so has the availability of online dating websites.

As a single woman searching for love and romance, a committed relationship, marriage, companionship, a friend or even a quick hookup, it can be quite challenging to select a site that is right for you.

After all, every single site is going to claim that they are the best in the business. But are they? Which site should you be using? Where can you truly find Mr. Right or even Mr. Right now?

With choice abound, there is a site for everyone. With that being said we have gone ahead and compiled a list of the top dating sites for women.

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Best Dating Sites for Women

#1 “I do” Match.com (Paid)

Want to get married then go to Match.com, that if you buy into their advertisements. Match.com main focus is to get you married.

Don’t believe us? Then listen to this; match.com claims to have inspired twice as many marriages as any other dating site in the world. If that doesn’t get you excited about your marriage potential, then very few things will.

With more than 15 million members spread across 24 countries and in 15 different languages Match.com is undoubtedly one of the top dating sites for women out there.

Just about everyone has heard about Match.com either from a friend, online or even their many TV adverts. A Match.com subscription will not break the bank as their rates are quite reasonable.

Not to mention that they have a 6-month Match guarantee – where if you cannot find someone within six months Match will give you an additional six months free.

Come on, who can match (pun intended) that. Their 6-month Match guarantee also takes the worry out of spending on their subscription package. Now, how cool is that?

On the same topic as the price it is important also to note that although a Match.com subscription package is quite reasonable, it is expensive enough to keep most timewasters away.

We recommend that you plan to spend at least six months using Match.com for the best results. This is simply because it will take some time for you to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Match.com is perfect for lesbians and heterosexual single women and people who are primarily trying to find a long-term relationship.

Additionally, if you pair your Match.com membership with a free dating site such as OkCupid, then you would have successfully increased your chances of finding that special someone.

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#2 “I want to be with you forever – or for a very long time) eHarmony.com (Paid)

eHarmony is quite similar to Match.com in that they too want to pair you off with a compatible partner for a long time.

eHarmony like Match has a lot of members (more than 15 million) and they too place a lot of adverts on TV (and elsewhere) talking about their many successes and how successful their compatibility matching system is.

eHarmony has for sure revolutionized the online dating world forever when they used “relationship science” to develop their compatibility matching and marriage profiles which also makes them one of the greatest dating sites for women.

Like Match, eHarmony makes no secret of their successes claiming that about 4% of all marriages in the United States were made possible via the eHarmony portal.

eHarmony also has some great features inclosing apps for your Smartphone or Tablet device.

Yes, an eHarmony subscription free doesn’t come cheap; however, it comes well worth it and recommended.

Their membership fees are in the higher-end of the online dating market; you will have to pay for it. The up side to having such high prices is that it almost guarantees that the singles that are there are also genuinely searching for lasting love.

Like Match, we recommend that you spend at least six months on this site as you want that opportunity to get to know him and determine whether they are the right person for you.

Why not say to him or her? Sadly eHarmony does not cater to lesbians so you must be a woman looking for w man to use this site.

You can also pair your eHarmony subscription with a free site such as Plenty of Fish (free) for the very best results.

You can sign up for free on eHarmony here!

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#3 “It’s nice to meet you” OkCupid.com (Free)

OkCupid is a completely free dating site that focuses their attention on connecting their members with other members.

For them it’s all about meeting someone new, making a few new friends you know, scoring a few hookups (if that is your goal).

Some lucky people have even been able to find that special someone. OkCupid although favorite and one of the fastest growing and top dating sites for women.

Sure it lacks the super large membership that one of their main competitors, Plenty of Fish has; however, with a good enough membership size they are still able to deliver value to their members.

OkCupid uses both your responses and a math-based matching system to match you up with compatible singles, which is somewhat similar to that of paid online dating sites (although not as perfect).

Depending on what you are looking for OkCupid does have a lot of promise. For instance, if your main aim is to hang out and meet new people, then success will undoubtedly be yours on OkCupid if your aims are higher than that well good luck.

We recommend using OkCupid as a means of getting used to the world of online dating (assuming that you are new to online dating that is).

You can also use it as a backup site along with a paid dating service such as eHarmony as having your profile on two sites instead of one boosts your chances of finding success.

It also doesn’t hurt to have some fun on one site (the free one) and be seriously trying to find love on another site (the paid one).

Additionally signing up for anything less than six months is not a good idea as anything under six months is far too short of a time to get to fully know someone – especially on a free dating site where anything goes.

Combine your OkCupid membership with an eHarmony membership for the best results.

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#4 “Catch me if you can” Plenty of Fish (PoF)

Like OkCupid, POF is completely free to use online dating site. With a membership size of more than 32 million PoF is by far the largest online dating service in existence today.

As a PoF member you are guaranteed to meet the good, the bad and everything in-between.

PoF doesn’t care about marrying you off or putting you in a committed relationship. Most people come here to score a quick hookup, one night stands, make new friends and basically to hang out.

There have been the lucky few that have found someone special on PoF, but like OkCupid, we recommend that this not be your primary purpose of using this site. Most of the PoF members are only there to score a one night stand or a short-term hookup.

If this is your order of the day, then go nuts on PoF as it is your largest pond to fish in. This is a free site so expect some shortcomings, but for the most part, it is a decent site to consider.

This is a great site for meeting people from all walks of life with different personalities and by far one of the best dating sites for women that is entirely free to use.

We recommend using PoF with a paid dating site such as Match.com to get the most out of your online dating experience.

Think about it, there may come a time when searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right might become a bit too stressful, but hanging out on a site like POF where there is no great need or rush to get married might provide a much-needed distraction (or fresh air) when searching for perfection frustrates you.

For best results use PoF and Match.com for at least six months. Click here to check out the complete review of POF. Click here to see how POF stacks up against Match.com.

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#5 “I think I’ve found the One” PerfectMatch.com (Paid)

Mr. or Mrs. Right is waiting for you on PerfectMatch.com (well maybe). But it is one of the fastest growing dating sites on the internet this outcome is entirely possible.

This site is great for every type of single woman (Lesbian or Heterosexual) who wants to find a loving partner.

Like eHarmony and Match, they too use a compatibility system to help match compatible individuals together.

The PerfectMatch membership fees are indeed not the cheapest online; however, you can take the worry out of using it by utilizing their PerfectMatch guarantee (similar to the Match guarantee), which in our book makes PerfectMatch.com one of the best dating sites for women out there today.

PerfectMatch.com is always trying to make sure that the people who are on this site are truly interested in getting married or finding a committed partner.

Therefore if all you want is a quick hookup (yes women do want quick hookups and one night stands too), then you will need to consider other sites like Plenty of Fish.

You will have to spend extra time creating your profile, but in the end, it is worth it. As with all our recommendations, we do recommend that you sign up for a six-month membership as that will give you the best results possible.

You can also combine your PerfectMatch.com membership with say OkCupid or PoF to increase your dating pool.

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Conclusion on the Best Dating Sites For Women

From my experience and my research, these are the greatest dating sites for women that want to be successful with dating online while avoiding the wrong type of men at the same time. I hope you all liked my article on the best dating sites for women! Overall if you can only sign up for one or two of the dating websites I would definitely choose eHarmony or match.com.

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