Hey all and welcome to my article on What do Men Find Attractive! Ladies, you have probably all heard your male friends talking about how attractive one woman is over another, or about specific things that they want or find attractive in women. Chances are that we heard them talking about being attracted to women with big boobs, small hips, big booty, a good looking face and the type of clothes that they would like them to wear on a constant basis. You might be thinking from listening to them, and from seeing the ladies that mass media promotes as attractive that looks and physical appearance is the only thing that men find attractive in a woman; however, you would be surprised to know that men do look beyond the surface. We wont lie, they do consider looks especially for short-term relationships (so all you Date Hookup and PoF members can continue to post your best picks to get that short term mate), but when it comes to long term relationships they look deeper than the outside. Let’s dive in and find out what do men find attractive in the fairer sex. Some other articles that you might find interesting are online dating tips for women, online dating safety tips and what makes a good girlfriend.

What do Men Find Attractive

A Good Looking Woman

Okay let’s just get this one out of the way. Yes men are attracted to women who look good. But before you call up your plastic surgeon, start crash dieting or worse in order to look like the supermodel on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine it must be noted that the look that men find attractive varies according to culture, race, Religion and more. In some cultures a woman with curves is deemed attractive whereas in other cultures they are seen as overweight. Certain aspect of your overall look isn’t something that is not easily changed whether you are overweight, underweight, short, tall etc. The best advice that can be given here is for you to find the you that you are comfortable with, while remaining healthy and happy about your body.

While we are on the subject of looks here is a deeper look into some physical characteristics that attract men to women.

Waist-to-hip Ratio

There is a certain waist-to-hip ratio that men find attractive in women. Research into the preferences of Western men suggests that men are attracted to women whose waist is 70% (0.7) the circumference of her hips. The reason for this might not purely lie in looks as this ratio is usually a good indicator of whether or not the women is suited for childbirth. Here’s a good article talking about the science of the hip to waist ratio.

Large Eyes

Another interesting physical feature that guys find attractive in a woman is large eyes. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Large eyes serves as an indicator of femininity
  2. It is linked to long term health and the reproductive potential of the woman

Women if you don’t naturally have large eyes then you need not worry as there are simple makeup tips that can help you to achieve this look. Just remember to make adjustments for you and not solely to be more attractive to the opposite sex.


A Woman who Dresses Well – Her Style

Like physical attributes such as large eyes and body type, men are also attracted to a well dressed woman. Now, please don’t go breaking out the credit cards to go shopping at that super-expensive store with the designer outfits that have been worn by models as that is not what we are implying. This also doesn’t mean that you must now get rid of your modest clothing in exchange for super revealing outfits. What we are talking about is finding your own unique style, one that complements your body, matches your overall personality and most importantly makes you feel comfortable. Ladies, having your own unique sense of style is something that men will always find attractive. Play this up especially on your first date,

Show them Some Skin

Okay so we did say that you do not need to be revealing in order to be attractive to men and we still stand by that statement. So why are we talking about showing some skin then? The answer is simple, men find women who reveal some extra skin more attractive than women who tend to cover up everything. Show enough skin to peek his interest yet hide enough to keep him wondering.

Okay now that we have gotten physical attractiveness out of the way let’s take the time to examine some other things guys find attractive in women to continue answering the question what do men find attractive.


A confident woman is an attractive woman. Women who are confident do not need additional attention from men nor do they seek out their approval. Confidence isn’t something that just randomly appears in a woman, as generally people who are possess confidence have a strong sense of self. If you can confidently walk into a room looking sexy and knowing that you look sexy, then you have just earned extra points on the attractiveness meter. Women just be careful that your level of confidence doesn’t cross over into the realm of arrogance.



One of the biggest turn-offs for a man is a woman with a depressed and mean attitude. If you would like to increase your attractiveness then please do look and actually be cheerful. Men like it when a woman is flirty, giggly or otherwise cheerful. Just be careful not to overdo the gigglieness as too much can be a turn-off. For the record we do understand that maintaining a cheerful attitude at ll times is not possible or even practical; however, at least try to see the upside of things in all circumstances as doing so will certainly help. After all would you date a guy who is mean and depressed most of the times? We thought so.


So you thought that women were the only ones to find loyalty attractive? Well loyalty is always attractive remember that. A man wants to know that when it all goes down, you his woman, will be there right beside him. Essentially men want to know that if he looses his job, car and/or house that you will stand by his side and not leave him for the next dude. The rappers call these women their “ride-or-die-chick”.


Okay ladies we know that most of you find an honest man attractive, so the same certainly goes for men as well. Honesty is essentially one of the most important quality that any woman can have as no one likes a liar. And yes a little white lie counts as a lie because once you start telling these “small lies” it takes nothing for them to grow into big ones until the truth no longer exists.

So now that we have gone through some of the common things guys find attractive in women let’s take a look at some of the weird, unlikely (or whatever you want to call it) things that men find sexy about a woman.

What do Men Find Attractive- The Unusual List

An Undone Woman

Remember that we said that men love it when a woman makes an effort to look their best, well what you might not know is that sometimes an undone look makes a woman look attractive. Men secretly like seeing a woman with a messy look as they feel like they know her better that way. Besides there are not many men that love a high maintenance woman so don’t be afraid to let a guy see the you that lies behind the makeup and designer clothes.


Seeing Her When She is Scared

Did you know that men find fear in a woman attractive? At first glance this seems like a bad thing, after all what right person could possibly find someone who is afraid attractive. However, if you think about it, it makes sense why a man would find a woman’s fear attractive. When a woman is afraid the man has the opportunity to comfort her and to make her feel better. That it what is attractive to them. But just so you know ladies, men really don’t want to wish deep fear on you, but if you are a bit scared of something that they can fix, then your attractiveness level just went up. Just a word of advice, don’t suddenly become scared of everything as they will see through this and become annoyed.


There are some men who find women who wear glasses absolutely attractive. This is most likely because they see women who wear glasses as smart and believe it or not men do find smarts attractive.

Her Working Out

Another thing that you might not have thought is attractive to men is how you look when you workout. Men are really find the tired and sweaty look on a woman that is working out attractive. You might not find it attractive on yourself but believe us when we say that single cute guy across the room is probably taking notice.

Wearing His Shirt

There is a reason why we see so many advertisements, movies, magazines with women wearing a man’s shirt and looking slightly messy in them. That’s because men find it incredibly attractive. Perhaps it reminds them of why your wearing their shirt in the first place. Whatever it is men like it so make use of it ladies.

Conclusion on What do Men Find Attractive

Finally we must stress that you need not possess every single one of these qualities in order to become more attractive to men. In fact there is no set number of things that you must do as well. This should really be used as a guide to help you to find what will naturally work for you. The main thing here is to not fake it, just be you. If you are not easily scared then don’t pretend, if your not a walking thesaurus then that’s okay too. Just be you as he will quickly realize that you are faking it and move away from you. Do what comes naturally, fix the things that you can naturally change and reap the benefits of your hard work. And ladies, NO you do not need to have a plastic surgeon on speed dial to be attractive. What do men find attractive; you being the best, most confident you possible. Well I hope you all like my article on What do Men Find Attractive!

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