Best one night stand sites 2019 – How to get a one night stand online

Have you been wondering how to get a one night stand online? Because, you know… Not everyone wants a full-blown relationship like most dating websites promotes.

Hey guys and gals, if you are looking for the best one night stand websites, you have come to the right spot. After joining approximately 20 different websites that all claim to be the best hookup websites, I have narrowed down the selection to the top six.

By the end of this article, you will know exactly which one night stand site is the best option for you. All six of the sites listed below have slightly different features and user bases, but it will be possible to find that special person for that special night.

best one night stand websites

Since time is of the essence, let’s get right into the best hookup sites of 2019.

Here on the top one night stand sites for quick hookups based on the overall ease it is to find someone for one night. I take into consideration the quantity (number of users), the quality of the users (attractiveness) and the overall time it will take to meet these people in real life.

The 5 best overall one night stand websites in 2019


Benaughty makes its number one on my list for the top hookup sites online. They have a very large user base of single individuals looking for a quick fling.

Overall the website is 52% female and 48% male. This number surprised me as I was expecting there to be a lot more horny men looking for one night stands compared to women looking for the same thing. And since I’m a guy, this was one of the most significant selling points for Be naughty.

The next selling point is that it has a very large user base sitting around 13 million visitors per month to their website.

One of the coolest features I found with Benaughty is the ability to mass text/message users on the platform. You can do this every 12 hours, and it works very well with getting more responses than typically you would buy messaging people one by one.

Benaughty has fully functioning applications for Android and iPhone, which makes the ability to meet, talk and eventually meet up with the members on the site that much easier.

One of the things I didn’t find too impressive was the algorithm it uses to find you compatible matches. Sometimes the suggestions it shows me are just plain bad.

You will find a wide variety of individuals on the site ranging from single people, married people in open relationships, people looking for cyber fun and many other activities that are casual.

Another good thing about Benaughty is that it takes safety very seriously. You get to choose how you interact on the website and how people can interact with you. You can limit only verified members on the website to be able to see you. There is an option to report suspicious activity which flags suspicious users. You can prevent these profiles that are marked a suspicious from viewing your profile. Or you could be completely open and let anyone see you.

Just like the majority of online dating websites, to message users on the site, you will need to pay for a subscription. Currently, the prices are $24.99 for the one-month subscription, $16.99 per month for the three-month subscription or $11.99 per month for the six-month subscription.

Check out Benaughty here

Check out the official Benaughty commercial here:


Adult friend finder makes it to number two on the hookup list. This is one of the most popular places that people go for a simple one night stand. This website boasts one of the largest swinger communities online.

Adult friend finder is attractive due to its extremely large user base of approximately 25,000,000 visits per month. This is approximately double that of Benaughty. The only reason I have it second on my list is that it is not quite as easy to find that one-night stand. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not hard to do on Adult friend finder, it’s just not as easy as on benaughty.

The most popular country according to visitors is the United States with 54% followed by Canada and the United Kingdom. Unlike the awesome male to female ratio with benaughty, adult friend finder has 65% male users and 35% female users. Sorry guys, but this is a fantastic website for women looking to choose from a large pool of men.

As you may or may not know, adult friend finder was hacked in 2016 which jeopardized millions of personal information of their users. I am here to confirm that adult friend finder is now perfectly safe to use as they have invested millions in revamping their security and website systems.

Adult friend finder tries to find your matches based on what type of one night stand you are looking for. It will go over your likes, dislikes, fetishes, and kinks to try to find the most compatible matches for you. Overall the features are very developed and work very well on adult friend finder. You have all of the typical characteristics of other popular dating websites such as direct messaging, flirting, sending virtual gifts and search and filter features.

The sign-up process only takes approximately 30 seconds. One of the biggest reasons why adult friend finder this attractive is that you can use a lot of their features without paying anything. It’s one of the rare websites that you are allowed to message other users without the need to pay.

There are however many benefits towards being a paying subscriber and overall it is worth the price. Currently, the prices for adult friend finder are $32.39 per month for the month by month subscription, $21.58 per month for the three-month subscription and $14.56 per month for the 12-month subscription.

Check out adult friend finder right here.

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Ashley Madison makes it on the list for best hookup sites because most people using the website are married and only looking for a fun night away from their partner.

You can rest assured that nobody using this website is looking for something serious. You would be incredibly surprised at how quick you can pull a one night stand off on Ashley Madison.

The typical age range for the users of Ashley Madison is between 30 years old in 45 years old. Although most of the people on the website are married, this does not necessarily mean that they’re looking for other married individuals, Although some are. With Ashley Madison, you will have plenty of people to connect with approximately 5 million unique visitors monthly.

Any of the useful features that you would like to use on Ashley Madison you will need to pay for their premium subscription. There is, however, a week free trial that lets you access most of the premium features.

Is very easy to create a profile with Ashley Madison and be up and running. Just make sure to at least one profile picture, and a quick bio about what you are looking for in you should be off to the races.

Some things that I liked about Ashley Madison part of the layout and design of the website as well as the fact that there are lots of users that are always online and willing to chat. They also have a fantastic android application as well as an application for iPhone.

Some things I did not like about Ashley Madison are that they don’t have automatic matching features like most other dating websites. They also had a breach of security not that long ago similar to adult friend finder. But similar to adult friend finder, they have recently invested a lot of money into security to make sure that this will never happen again.

The price for Ashley Madison is much different than the typical dating website. They have three separate packages That come with a certain amount of “credits.” These credits can be used to begin conversations, send gifts and begin instant messaging with other users.

The elites package cost $249 and come with 1000 credits or approximately $.25 per credit. The classic package costs $149 and comes with 500 credits or $.30 per credit. The basic option costs $49, and you get 100 credits or $.49 per credit.

Check out Ashley Madison Here

Also check out these super funny (and currently banned) commercials from Ashley Madison:


I’m sure that a lot of the readers are surprised to see up on the top sites for quick flings and swingers. The fact the matter is that has one of the largest user bases compared to any top player in the online dating industry.

Having a large user base is one of the biggest criteria for any dating website whether it is niche dating or not. The fact of the matter is you need to put in your profile what you were looking for and use the search and filter features to find people looking for the same thing.

With this in mind, there are plenty of people that are down for one night stands on

To find the people that are down for a quick fling, you need to use your search and filter features. This is what makes one of the best overall dating websites that exist. The combination between a humongous user base and the ability to search and filter for people that have similar likes and dislikes.

This makes perfect for people looking to find the love of their life all the way to the other end of the spectrum for people that are looking for one hour of fun time.

You can currently get for as low as 1299 a month for their longer subscription length of 12 months. Their six-month membership will cost $12.74 per month and their shortest subscription of three months will cost $14.99 per month.

Check out here

Here is a funny musical that they put out:


The reason why Zoosk is on my list is for the same reasons that is on here. Zoosk boasts one of the largest user bases of Internet dating sites similar to

From the homepage of Zoosk, the advertise over 40 million singles that are currently on their platform. I am not exactly sure how many active users this equates to, but you can be assured it is significant. The Zoosk application over the Apple I store, Google placed or an Amazon app store has over 30 million downloads combined. And they promote the fact that they have over 3 million messages sent daily on their platform.

Overall, Zoosk has a very young user base with the average age for males being approximately 27 years old and the average age for females being about 24 years old. Thankfully, the split between males and females on the site is pretty even with 48% being men and 52% being women.

Similar to, you have plenty of search and filter features that are available to find people that are also looking for one night stands.

Some things that stand out to me are the layout and design of the website as that has been a priority since Zoosk launched years ago. They specialize in mobile making it extremely easy to get to know new people while on the go.

Zoosk has an abundance of features that make it easy to pull a hookup off. But the biggest feature is being able to filter and search for people that are looking for something quick and easy. Zoosk Also takes security very seriously, and they verify everybody’s profile so you can be rest assured you will not be getting scams are played by the users on the site.

You can sign up for a free membership at Zoosk, but you will be severely limited in what you will be able to do. The one-month membership price cost $29.95 per month. The three-month membership cost $19.98 per month and the longer six-month membership cost $12.49 per month.

Here is a funny (and also banned) Zoosk commercial:

Best Free hookup sites in 2019

Although all of the one night stand websites listed above have a free option, to get the most of those websites you will need to be a paying member. I still highly recommend paying the relatively low subscription prices for the six sites listed above because they are worth the price and you will have a much higher success of actually finding that one-night hookup.

However, I do understand that some people might not have the money to spend on those websites. Therefore I have a few extra recommendations for sites where you can find quick hookups.

Plenty of fish is a fantastic website for someone who wants to dip their toes into online dating. They also have a huge user base although there are a lot of fake profiles, bots or people trying to scam on this website.

It is one of the very few websites that you are allowed to freely message other members on the website without having to pay. Although there is a premium version, most of the essential features are available in the free version. The most important of these is being able to message.

Although pulling off a one night stand on plenty of fish is possible, you might be spending a lot more time trying to do so compared to the sites above.

Plenty of fish has a ton of search and filter features so that you can find people that are looking for the same quick hookups.

The biggest thing to be concerned about with plenty of fish is overall security. There is no ID verification, and all you need to do to sign up is use a valid e-mail address. This website is known to have tons of fake profiles and lots of advertisements that can get in the way of pure user experience.

OkCupid is a clone of plenty of fish. They have both been around for a long time, and they both have a similar feel to them.

OkCupid has a humongous user base as well and the most prominent features for finding quick hookups or one night stands arts use their search and filter features. You will be able to find plenty of people looking for the same thing; you will notice that the quality of the men and women are not as high as sites like benaughty or

It is, however, hard to turn down the price of free. Free is my favorite price for anything. But with all the things that come free, you pay the price in the end.

Security is not up to par with the paid dating websites I mentioned above, and you will most certainly run into plenty of people looking to get paid for a hookup or trying to get money out of you some other way.

Conclusion on the best one night stand sites

Will, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the overall best hookup and one-night stand websites for 2019.

Which one will you end up choosing? In my experience the site that was the easiest to pull from as well as having some of the most attractive members was

Adult friend finder is also a fantastic option and touts a user base that is almost twice the size of benaughty. If you are somebody that is married or it peaks your interest to be with somebody that is, Ashley Madison is a fantastic website that you can find easy hookups on.

Zoosk and are simply fantastic dating websites no matter what you are looking for. If in the future you are looking for something more than just a one night fling, these two websites will serve whatever dating niche you might be interested in. Overall, these are two of the best dating websites around.

Do you guys have any experience with the websites I mentioned above? Please leave me a comment down below, and we can get an interesting conversation started about personal experiences, questions or concerns related to these dating sites. Now stop wasting time, sign up to one of these sites so that tonight can turn into something a little bit more interesting. 😉