Ultimate Guide on Creating an Online Dating Profile for Men/Women

Ultimate Guide on Creating an Online Dating Profile for Men/Women

Table Of Contents

Part 1: Online Dating Profile Creation For Men

Part 2: Online Dating Profile Creation For Women

Introduction to online dating profiles

A Brief History of Dating

A Man is a social being.

Ever since the dawn of time, humankind has lived in more or less organized groups.

Within these groups, an individual has always struggled to find someone to share life with.

Since these early stages of civilization progress, the search has not been quite so simple.

Throughout history, there were many ways of how “to choose” your lifelong companion.

Early on, all you had to do was smack them in the head and take them to your cave.

As time went by, the process evolved to a more sophisticated one.

We did go through arranged marriages phase (and occasionally this still happens), but the courting process back in the old days was a thing to live for!

An occasional glance, a secretive smile, maybe sharing a dance, feeling shivers and passion going through your entire body, etc.

It must have been a true delight!

However, modern times have brought modern problems and modern solutions and then some more problems to the solutions.

One of these modern ingenuities when it comes to love life is dating.

Online Dating

Dating has evolved. And we know that we all live in a digital world, where the Internet means life.

So, obviously, dating has also been given its proper place on the Internet. 

Yes, we are talking about online dating.

There is a plethora of websites offering the possibility of online dating.

So, how does this work in reality?

It usually means that you go to a dating site; you create your account using your e-mail address and potentially some personal data.

Once you do this, you have actually created a profile which you can access at any time of day.

This profile can later be checked up by prospective romantic partners, so you want to leave a good impression.

At the same time, you do not want to appear to be beyond somebody’s reach.

It is in our nature to always make sure that other people like us. Accordingly, we give our best to achieve this.

When it comes to online dating profiles, we have to try even harder, since face-to-face contact is out of the equations. At least it is so in the beginning.

Dating Profile in a Nutshell

Before we dive into common mistakes you make on these profiles, let us go through some of the basic elements that any dating profile incorporates.

If you want to attract somebody else’s attention, these are the main categories you need to focus on.

  1. Profile picture;
  2. Personal data;
  3. Biography;
  4. Personal questions and attitudes;
  5. Likes/dislikes;
  6. Hobbies and interests.

Let’s give a closer look at each of these, shall we?

a)     Profile picture

It is not uncommon nowadays that the impression we get based on somebody else’s physical appearance is the one that counts.

Hence, the profile picture you choose should be representative of your personality, or at least as close to it as possible.

b)     Personal data

These refer to your first name and family name, date of birth, state or country where you live in.

Under these data, you might be asked to provide details concerning your education or current employment. The choice is completely up to you whether you want to reveal these details.

c)      Biography (AKA something about yourself)

This heading should include additional data about your life that might be interesting to a prospective date. It should be an attention grabber, something interesting, given in only a few words.

d)     Personal questions and attitudes

In this case, you might have to answer questions such as whether you are a smoker, whether you like kids and the like. You might deem these as irrelevant, but sometimes they can be of crucial importance.

e)     Likes and dislikes

Here you will be asked questions such as what your favorite food is or maybe a film and TV series or music.

f)       Hobbies and interests

Similar to the previous one, here you need to depict personal preferences of what you like to do in your free time.

So whether your thing is staying in cozy and comfortable or spending time outdoors, just as long as you are honest about it, there’s no need to worry.

Judging from above, it all seems so simple.

But once you sit down and make that seemingly perfect presentation of yourself and nothing happens after a while, you start thinking about how you must have done something wrong.

Pardon me for saying this, but most likely you have.

And for this reason, we have made this ultimate guide for making a killer online dating profile.

So, no matter if

  1. you are completely new to online dating and making your first profile
  2. want to make your old profile better
  3. wonder why there are no results with your profile
  4. just want to pick up on some new tricks

Stay with us, because we just might have a few tricks down our sleeves.

Men and women, prepare your pens, you are about to learn a lot here with us!