Questions to ask during online dating – The top 5

Hey ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my article on questions to ask for online dating. Whether or not you are experienced with online dating, or you have just started, these five questions are essential.

The dating websites and dating algorithms can only do so much to find you a good match. The rest is up to you to determine if this “match” is compatible with you.

Since online dating has completely changed the landscape of how we meet one another, it is essential to learn how to use it to benefit us the most. Before I jump into the five questions to ask for online dating, let’s talk about how you should ask them.

Questions to ask during online dating

I would not send one large message to your match asking them all five questions and demanding an in-depth response.

Instead of this, I would weave them into your regular conversation with them, so it seems more natural. You don’t want them to feel like they are interviewing for a date with you.

Although the most important thing when it comes to a potential match is how they act in real life, these questions will you get you as close as you can to get to know more about them.

Another factor that might affect the type of match you get is what dating website you are using.

Check out my comparison between the top two here. Without further ado let’s get right into my five questions to ask during online dating.

1: What are you looking for with online dating?

This is by far the most important question you can ask with online dating. It is a straightforward question but will weed out all of the people that you are not compatible with very quickly.

There are millions of people using online dating, and there are tons of different reasons why people sign up.

Somewhat casual relationships while others are looking for something more serious. The response to this question all depends on what you are personally looking for.

Some examples of response to your question could be: “I’m just looking for something casual,” “I’m just looking to have fun” or “I’m just looking to meet new people but am open to something serious if it were to happen.”

For the most part, I have found people to be relatively honest with their response to this question. But that is not always the case, and some people will lie or say anything to get a date with you.

In my experience, the type of person that says “if the right one comes along” really means that they are just looking for something casual.

2: What about my profile made you interested?

This is a compelling question as well because it will help you differentiate the matches that truly read your profile vs the ones that mass copy and text lots of matches.

Beyond this, you will be able to tell what caught their attention in the first place whether it was something you said in your profile or a picture that you had. It is also an open invitation to let them give a compliment to you.

This is an essential trait for somebody to have if they can openly give a compliment.

It is also an opportunity for you to say something back about them about why you chose their profile as well.

3: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

This is a very subtle question about what motivates them in life. Finding out about their passions and drive is extremely important if at some point you might consider something serious with them.

People that don’t have any motivation or in your drive won’t be people that I am looking to settle down with.

Whether they the type of person that gets woken up by the alarm clock interacts himself off the bed or are they the “go-getter” type of person that can’t wait to get up to start the day and conquer it.

4: What you usually do on Saturday night?

Just as the former question was a subtle way of asking them what motivates them, this question is to understand what they like to do in their free time.

Is the person you are talking to a “party animal” that always goes out on the weekends with their friends and gets drunk.

Do they like to explore and go on hikes and spend their time outdoors? Every different response to this question can have its perks and downfalls depending on what type of person you are.

This is a great question to understand other passions besides what they do for work.

5: Do you live near your family or see them often?

Family is extremely important to the majority of people. Understanding what type of family man or woman your matches can be critical.

Knowing what type of relationship a person has with the parents is usually a powerful tool but at the same time don’t completely judge the person for this response.

If this person does not have the best relationship with his parents, it could be because he or she has problematic parents.

Questions to ask during online dating – conclusion

Well, that’s about it everyone on the top five issues to ask during online dating.

You want to weave these questions into a natural conversation instead of merely blasting all of these questions right off the bat to your match.

These can be very revealing to see what type of person they are. I would avoid questions regarding how much money they make at their work or why their previous relationship failed.

These questions are much less intrusive and will let you know a lot more about the type of person you are talking to.

If you want some other online dating tips such as how to build a solid dating profile, how to flirt or how to tell if a girl likes you, check out those articles. This website is dedicated to helping people be successful and find love online.

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