Hey everyone welcome to my Zoosk vs POF article! Signing up for a free online dating site is always a good thing whether you are new to online dating or seeking to expand your options of potential daters. This is because free online dating sites such as Zoosk and PoF gives you access to a significantly larger dating pool than most paid online dating sites. Additionally using a free online dating site along with a paid site such as eHarmony and Match.com gives you not only more potential dates but different types of dates and different types of people that you might not have met using a paid dating service, Additionally you might feel pressured to find someone to marry (long term relationship) when using a paid site because most daters on paid sites are more serious about finding that special someone. Using a free site might give you the feeling of taking in fresh air as you are not so pressured to find “The One”. That being said let’s look at how well Zoosk stacks up to PoF in this head to head comparison. Let’s get right into my Zoosk vs PoF review everyone! Also do not forget to check out my individual Zoosk and POF reviews.

Zoosk vs PoF – Overview

Zoosk or as we like to call it “the social networking website of online dating” is a somewhat free online dating site that mostly caters to young adults in their 20s and 30s. Zoosk originally started out as a Facebook application hence its heavy involvement in the social networking and its creative Mobile application integration. Zoosk being a somewhat free site mostly attracts no-serious daters who are merely looking for casual hookups or just to hang out and meet new people. PoF on the other hand is a completely free online dating site. PoF unlike Zoosk doesn’t feel like it was only created for the social networking savvy 20s or 30s young adults. Like Zoosk, PoF is mostly made up of non-serious daters that are merely looking for a quick hookup, casual dating or meeting new people. Love can be found on both sites, but that is not their main purpose.

Zoosk vs PoF

Ease of Use / Site Navigation, Layout and Design

PoF though simply designed can sometimes be a pain to navigate. This is because they are constantly improving the website so things might not be where you expect them to be. PoF may not be the most attractive website but we must admit that it is relatively easy to use. We have also noticed that seniors are able to navigate the site pretty well after playing with it for a while. Zoosk a much prettier site than PoF is also not difficult to use. It might overwhelm the new to online dating individual; however, once they play around with the site it gets easier.


When it comes to popularity both site has it all, well on the surface it appears as if both sides are equal but as you will soon find out looks can be deceiving. Zoosk has well over 50 million subscribers compared to the more than 32 million people that are registered with PoF. It must be noted that Zoosk has about 5 million active monthly users while PoF has more than 4 million daily active members. As you can see that both sites are immensely popular, just remember that looking at overall memberships to determine popularity is not the best measure of popularity.


For the most part both PoF and Zoosk are free to use, well on the surface anyways. Zoosk although it’s free to use, charges you for everything, and we do mean everything. Because Zoosk charges you for everything in order to truly enjoy the website you must spend, and believe us when we say that it can add up to more than what a paid online dating site such as Match.com would charge on a monthly basis. Additionally you must sign up for a premium account in order to send and receive messages on Zoosk. PoF on the other hand strives to make their online dating site completely free and they have been able to maintain this to the satisfaction of their members. PoF does have a paid membership option and it is great as it does put you higher in the search results and allows you to block ads. However, if you decide to use the site completely free then you will still be able to fully enjoy the site unlike Zoosk.


Zoosk we must say takes a fun approach to online dating by turning the process into a game or gamification as it is called. This is basically integrating game-like incentives into online dating, which is surprisingly quite fun and engaging. Zoosk also has their Behavioral Matchmaking system, the standard online dating features and their unique Social Networking integration. PoF also has the standard online dating features and their own relationship needs assessment test and the relationship chemistry predictor.

pof vs zoosk

Zoosk vs PoF: Who Should Use Them?

Zoosk is best suited for young adults in their 20s or 30s who love social networking. If this is not your style then you will not enjoy your time on Zoosk. Also it is best to focus on meeting new people rather than trying to find true love and romance as most Zoosk members are merely looking for quick hookups and to meet new people. PoF; however, can easily be used by anyone regardless of age. Now we are not saying that Zoosk is age restrictive and PoF is not, we just have to acknowledge the fact that its heavy social network integration will not appeal to everyone. PoF is also filled with people who are looking for a quick hookup and to meet new people so it’s best to not have very high expectations from this site as well.

Zoosk vs PoF: The Verdict

While Zoosk makes online dating fun by gamification and opens you up to a wider audience with its heavy social networking integration, the fact that you HAVE pay to enjoy the site instead of choosing to pay to enjoy the site makes PoF the clear winner. Now this is not to say that paying to use an online dating site is bad, we would just prefer to have an upfront cost instead of having to pay for everything (or anything fun) which could end up costing you more than a typical membership fee. For this comparison PoF comes out the winner. Be sure to check out the complete Zoosk and POF reviews and decide for yourself.

The Winner: Zoosk vs PoF

PoF comes out the winner in this case merely because it is completely free to use in order to fully enjoy the site. Their paid option is also not a bad way to enjoy the site, who doesn’t want to block unwanted ads or get placed higher in the search results? In fact we will go ahead and say that you can sign up for PoF for at least 6 to 12 months, give them a try as you might be surprised at what (who) you might find. In fact go paid if you feel like it, it might actually work out positively for you. Be sure to check out how these site stack up against the rest in best online dating sites review as well as best dating sites for men and best dating sites for women. For more information on online dating in general, check out these online dating forums as well. I hope you all liked my Zoosk vs POF article! I also recommend that you check out my most popular comparison article of eHarmony vs Match!

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