How to tell if a girl likes you through text

Everyone today I would like to do another article on dating advice. Today’s topic is how to tell if a girl likes you through text. In the world of online dating this is an extremely important thing to pick up on.

You have gone through all of the trouble of signing up for your favorite dating website, building your awesome profile and making some connections (matches) with some women that you are interested in. You have probably been talking with the girl you are interested in for a little while now. But the real question is how can you tell if she likes you through text enough for you to ask her out?

A lot of the times if a girl continues to talk to you on a dating website it means that she is interested. But this is not the case 100% of the time. A lot of girls were on dating websites just for an ego boost or to have people compliment them but have no real intention on meeting up in real life.

Let’s check out some telltale signs that a girl likes you over text enough for you to ask her out on a real date.

How to tell if a girl likes you through text: Six signs

okay here we go guys, the six biggest tips that I can tell you on how to tell if a girl likes you through text. These are not 100% foolproof ways of telling but it’s as close as you’ll ever come. Girls can be so complicated sometimes that we can’t just bundle them all into one basket.

1) The use of the Emojis

On a lot of Internet blogs and dating magazines a lot of people talk about how the use of a lots of emojis tells a lot about whether or not a girl likes you.

I have to breakdown this rumor and admit to you guys that this is not true at all. Some girls like to use emojis and some girls pay to use them. The girls that like to use them really use them with every single person that they talk to whether or not they are actually interested in them or not.

There are however certain emotions that they probably would not use with a guy that they are not interested in. In these are the specific ones that we need to pay attention to when talking to the girl that we like.

These secret Emojis are famous kissy face emoji’s as well as the winky face emoji. Girls usually only use these with the guys that they are interested in or very good guy friends that are way too deep in the friend zone. If you are talking to this girl online it’s most likely that you are at the former so that is a good sign!

2) Who text first?

More than the emoji’s, this is probably the absolute number one way to tell whether or not a girl likes you through text.

You need to think back with your conversations with her to figure out who texts who first in the conversation. If you have been talking for a couple days this should be easy to track down. Were you the first one to say “hey, how’s your day going”. Or was it her that initiated the conversation.

If it was her that initiated the majority of the conversations on a day-to-day basis is a very strong signal that she likes you!

A great example of this would be if she simply says “hey how was your day :)”. This means that she has been thinking about you and also wants to let you know that she has been thinking about you.

3) Try to judge her level of enthusiasm

Sometimes it is hard to judge how hyperactive or enthusiastic a girl can be overtaxed. But there are some signs that she is into you based on certain over exaggerated text she might send. this is a strong sign on how to tell a girl likes you over text.

Here is a quick example of a girl being overly enthusiastic to show you that she is interested in you.

You: I am pretty proud that I got an A on my English paper I wrote.

Her: OMGGG, that is so fantastic I am super super proud of you!

This is a good example because you didn’t say anything that should elicit a crazy enthusiastic response. He simply pointed out that you did well on a English paper and that you’re happy. She responded with a very over exaggerated “OMG” and even added to supers in her response to you.

That was a classic example of being very enthusiastic or over exaggerated in her response. This is also a strong sign that she is interested in you over text.

The level of enthusiasm can also be seen in the length of the words that she uses. Instead of saying super, if she says superrrrr. Or instead of saying really, she uses like 20 L’s “reallllllly”. Or something like “”hellllll yeahhhhhhhhhh” can show that she is overenthusiastic and wants to let you know.

4) Flirty comments

This should be sort of an obvious one on how to tell if a girl likes you for text. But to be honest with you, there are a lot of guys that can’t tell when a girl is flirting with them or not.

Sometimes flirting can be very subtle and guys won’t be able to pick up on it. Here is a good example of a offhanded flirtatious comment.

You: okay how was the party that you went to the other night?

Her: it was okay, but I think it might have been cooler if I had someone to talk to like you.

This is a great example of light flirting. Things like this happen all the time over text and you just need to be aware of them.

Another flirty emoji that girls like to use while texting with a guy that they like is the smirky face emoji. This is kind of a mischievous the emoji that is very flirtatious in nature. It’s an emoji that she will use if she is teasing with you. It might be used to make fun of you in some way but at the same time show that she likes you.

5) Is she actually interested in meeting up

Although this is the last tip on how to tell if a girl likes you or not over text, it is definitely the most important one.

If she is not willing to meet up with you after talking for a while online, she is not interested enough in you. This is very plain and simple and after a while of texting you are going to have to ask her whether or not she wants to meet up.

If you don’t do this, you could waste a ton of your time and effort continuing to talk to her when it has no chance of going anywhere.

If and when you ask the girl that you like on a date, if she responds with anything other than “yes”, there’s a good chance that she is not into you. She might respond with an excuse of why she can’t go. She might not respond at all to the question. And finally she might try to avoid the question and change topics altogether.

There is a very important text that I am going to share with you to figure out exactly whether she will meet up with you or not. Here is the exact thing that you need to ask her:

Hey let’s go get a drink (or coffee if under 21) at the beer station. This Friday at 9 PM.

You are very direct with your intentions in this text. You name the location as well as the time and the date for the meet up so there is no confusion.

It basically comes down to if she is interested enough in you, she will take time out of her day to meet up with you. If this is the case she will either say one of two things. She will either say yes to the time that you suggested or if she is busy that day, she will suggest another day and time. This is very important to remember as there are only two positive responses.

Again if she does not want to meet up she will either give an excuse or not respond at all to your question.

How to tell if a girl likes you through text: Conclusion

Well that is about it guys on my article on how to tell if a girl likes you through text. Keep these five things in mind while you are talking up the girl of your dreams. Remember that five signs are definitely not set in stone and every girl is completely different from one another. These are just some things that I have noticed over time and are pretty good indicators whether or not she likes you. If you have been talking to this girl on one of the popular dating sites such as Elite singles, eHarmony or, there’s a good chance she likes you if she continues to talk to you. But as I mentioned above this is not always the case as some people are just on dating websites for in the ego boost.

If you have been talking to a girl for a while and you still don’t know whether or not she likes you, the fifth tip is the ultimate go to. Eventually you need to ask her out and that will tell you everything about whether or not she likes you enough to go on a date with you. Let me know what you guys think about my article and leave me a comment down below. I will respond to you as soon as I can!