Elite Singles Review – Will it bring you a Successful Match?

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my elite singles review. Elite singles was created for the working professional that is looking for a serious relationship.

In my eyes, it appears to be the eHarmony for the younger generation without the emphasis on Christian dating.

Elite Singles Review - Will it bring you a Successful Match?

This is the dating website to go to if you are a working professional with at least a bachelors degree.

According to the statistics, 82% of only single members hold a minimum of a bachelors degree, with a good amount of them holding masters and doctorates as well.

For the most part, the members of Elite Singles are looking for a serious relationship and not just for casual dating or a quick hook up. In this regard, it is very similar to the popular dating website eHarmony.

There are also some other similarities such as its five-factor personality questionnaire (similar to the 29 of compatibility with eHarmony).

Let’s look at the members

Elite Singles Review

As I mentioned above, the average member is a working professional with at least a bachelors degree. Elite singles let you choose your sexual orientation.

Elite singles has been growing in popularity over the last few years with approximately 300,000 visits a month.

There are about 165,000 new sign-ups every single month. Since the reputation of a dating platform is, in my opinion, the number one factor for finding a successful partner, Elite singles has plenty of people in their sea.

Compared to most dating websites out there, there is a substantial ratio of women to men.

There are approximately 57% women and 43% men on the site currently. Guys, take note of this! It shows that women are extremely interested in a working, educated man.

There are a lot of women on elite singles looking just for that.

Let’s look at some of the features

The elite singles website has quite a bundle of excellent features for you to choose from.

To be honest, it takes a lot of features from a lot of the most popular websites out there such as eHarmony, match.com and even from tinder.

Let’s take a look at these features as it applies to the matchmaking service.

  • When you sign up with elite singles, you go through a semi-gruesome personality profile that analyzes 29 personality traits to help the dating algorithm find you a perfect match. I do not know what is up with the number 29 (eHarmony as well), but it’s the magic number for dating sites.
  • Similar to the harmony, matches are given to you based on your personality profile. In my experience, these tend to be the highest quality matches that you will find. In the best part is that they are delivered right to your inbox without any work on your part.
  • Unlike eHarmony, there is an extensive search and filter section where you can filter by a large number of characteristics. You can search by age, height, smoking (or not), religion, ethnicity, distance and much more. The search and filter functions remind me of match.com. I enjoy searching and filtering because it is quite thrilling.
  • Similar to the favorite dating application tinder, there is what is called the “wildcard” section. This lets you view profile pictures and select the people that you find attractive. You can send messages to the members that you find attractive.
  • There is a feature called “have you met.” This recommends members of elite singles to you that you may have skipped over while searching. This feature is only available with their premium plus program.
  • The desktop version of elite singles has more options than the application. There are more filtering options.
  • You can check out the rest of the features here.

Additional features of Elite singles

  • There are three general ways of communicating with a potential match on the elite singles. You can either send a personalized message to a user’s inbox, send a smile or send one of five “icebreaker” questions that are generated by the elite singles algorithm.
  • You can keep track of your “favorite” members by adding them to your favorites list.
  • You can track who has looked at your profile or read your messages.
  • In regards to safety and privacy, there are some systems in place with elite singles. They have an ID authentication, fraud detection system as well as SSL encryption. They also only approve profiles manually to make sure there are no fake profiles.
  • If a user has an inactive profile for a specified period they will be removed from the single elite network. This is to ensure that all of their users are active and looking for serious relationships. These security features are great because there are far too many fake profiles in the online dating space.
  • One additional feature that I thought was pretty cool with elite singles is that they offer exclusive singles events near you. These are events that let you meet with successful professionals face-to-face.

Site design and layout

The ease of use and learning curve of the website is one of the most critical factors.

One of the most frustrating thing that can happen is signing up for a dating website and being completely overwhelmed by the options and layout that you get turned off.

Also elite singles has a mountain of options to choose from, the layout and design of the website make it very user-friendly.

The learning curve is quick, and you should have a firm grasp on navigating the site just after the first day of use.

There are three primary sections to pay attention to which are your profile, your messages, your matches, and a search bar.

This is where the majority of your time will be spent, and it is very clearly laid out in front of you.

The only downfall to the only singles platform is that the applications for both iPhone and Android are not up to par with the desktop version of the site.

Overall the desktop version is much better laid out in much more comfortable to navigate. Although there have been significant improvements to the applications, there is still room to make them better.

I do know that they are working hard though because there are constant updates to the apps to improve performance and navigation.

Check out the current site design and layout here.

The sign-up process with Elite Singles

One of the downfalls with the eHarmony website was that the sign-up process took a long time to complete due to the 29 features of compatibility questionnaire that is required to get started.

Although Elite singles has a very similar and lengthy personality questionnaire that I highly recommend filling out to receive quality matches right to your inbox, it is not necessary right off the bat.

When you do decide to take the full questionnaire, it will take approximately 45 min. To fully complete.

The sign-up process can take as long or short as you would like depending on how in depth you want to fill out your profile right when you start.

I highly recommend creating an in-depth profile as well as taking the full questionnaire to attract more potential matches.

On the other hand, if you would like to get started searching and filtering for members on the site to see what types of options are out there, that is also a possibility. You can come back and fill out your profile whenever you want.

I suggest that you do the sign-up process on your computer compared to using the application because there were some problems with the application.

After signing up on your desktop, you can log in on the application, and from there you can decide which platform is better for you to use.

Elite singles will continually push you to improve your presence on their network.

They will give you tips and tricks for you to get more views and have more success with matches. Whether this is encouraging you to complete certain aspects of your profile picture or simple tips for talking with matches.

How much does elite singles cost?

Just like the majority of other dating websites out there, the prices depend on how long of a subscription you buy.

There is also a premium plus program that they offer which allows you to get 20 additional matches every single day and includes the “have you met” feature.

I will be going over the prices for both types of memberships.

Although you can sign up for a free membership and take the full personality test, you will not be able to receive matches until you sign up for one of the subscription options.

The percent savings column in the pricing chart is based on the most expensive subscription which is the one-month membership.

The general membership pricing for elite singles

Subscription lengthPrice/monthOne-time chargePercent savings
One month$59.950%
Three months$34.95$104.8542%
Six months$24.95$149.7059%
12 months$17.95$215.4070%

Check out the current price here.

The premium plus program prices

Subscription lengthPrice/monthOne-time chargePercent savings
One month$69.950%
Three months$39.95$119.8533%
Six months$29.95$179.7057%
12 months$19.95$239.4072%

No matter which subscription plan you choose, remember that your subscription will renew automatically at the end of the subscription time.

Elite singles review – Conclusion

Will there you have it ladies and gentlemen my full belly desktop version is exceptionally well laid out and intuitive.

Thanks for stopping by my review. Dating websites have changed significantly over the last ten years or so.

Dating websites used not to have specializations and instead just had a lot of different people all looking for different things.

If you think elite singles is something you want to try, check it out here.

Nowadays every new dating website specializes in one area or another. For elite singles the specializes in working professionals that are highly educated looking for other like-minded individuals.

With the increase of specializations, comes the increase in success rates for the most part.

I think that elite singles have a ton of beneficial features that will help you find the perfect match for you.

It takes a lot of my favorite features from my top dating websites such as match.com and eHarmony. eHarmony is cheaper overall when compared to elite singles.

If you would like to sit back and let the matches come to you, just let the dating augur them based off your personality torturous six do the work.

If you would like to search and filter for somebody that seems compatible, you can do that as well.

The biggest downfall that I see with elite singles is that the applications do not flow as well as they should. For this reason, I like to use the desktop version because it works without a glitch and is very easy to navigate.

But who knows, by the time you read this I bet you they will have perfected the app already.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below. What are your experiences with the elite singles dating platform?