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But first, you should realize I have a special trick for you to be successful during your 72-hour free trial. This trick involves signing up for the free membership first!

I also suggest checking out the prices of Match.com and the cost of eHaromony. Another super trick that I have is to watch out for the free eHarmony weekend that they offer from time to time. If you prefer to watch the youtube video here it is even though the article has more detail overall and the special links. 😉

How to have success on the dating website in three days

Once you are signed up for the free trial, you will have 72 hours to communicate with potential matches.

This is why I recommend signing up for a free membership first, so you can browse potential matches that you would like to message during your free three days.

If you have a thin, unattractive profile, most of your potential matches will skip right over you as a possibility. Most of the people with bad profiles on dating websites are usually spam or people looking to scam. Since you don’t want to come across as either one of these two, you need to make yourself at least appear to be a real person. You are a real person, aren’t you?

3 Day Match.com Free Trial

Build out your profile

This includes uploading at least a few high-quality photos of yourself. I have a full article here on how to make a fantastic profile that should be your go-to guide.

But in short, you should have a professional photo, a photo outdoors doing some sort of hobby and a picture up close of your face. At the bare minimum, those should be the three photos that you have.

Photos to avoid are ones with family members or friends, blurry photos, photos that don’t show your features very well, or photos that are too sexual.

You should also put what type of relationship you are looking for whether it is a long-term or casual dating. If you are looking to meet someone specific such as Christian singles, Jewish singles or whatever else you are looking for.

Building out your profile will help significantly whether you are a man or a woman.

Build a list of potential matches

The best way that you can build a list of possible matches to talk with once you start your free trial is to like or favorite the people that you’re interested in. This will build a list for yourself that you can access once you start your three-day trial.

This is why I recommend spending at least a few days building a list of potential members that you want to talk to.

Liking a user as well as adding them as a favorite will notify them that you did one of the other. I would not worry about this; the most important part is that you’re building a list.

Communicate with other members

When you finally want to start communicating, you can then begin the free trial. I would not waste any time, and start bulk messaging all of the people on your list.

Try not to have a generic message to such as “hello, how are you today?”. This will give you a very low response rate overall.

Instead what you should do is observe their profile pictures and notice something unique about them. You should be commenting on something you recognize and one of their photos. The first message should always contain a question as well. This increases the chance that you’ll get a response.

A typical question could be “I notice that you went horseback riding at Laguna Lake, last time I went my horse completely knocked me off and ran away! did this happen to you as well?”

This type of beginning message is much more engaging than the simple hello.

After you have messaged all of the people in your list right after you sign up for the three-day trial, it’s time to wait for responses.

Get access to the 3-day match trial

Here’s the link to the three-day trial. Remember that you need to have a game plan going into the trial otherwise, you will fritter away all three days without having any success on the dating platform.

Make sure to keep reading so that you can take advantage of your 72 hours in the most efficient way. Let me show you how. But first things first, you need to sign up.

Here is what you will access during the three days compared to the free account:

match free versus paid account

How to sign up for the match.com 3 day free trial?

Skip this part if you already signed up for the free account that I talked about above.

After going through the link above, you will need to enter some necessary information about yourself and what you’re looking for. Things such as your sex, the sex you are trying to meet, the age range you are looking for and the ZIP code.

The next thing that you need to enter is your e-mail address so that you can confirm your free account.

The last thing I recommend doing the bare minimum is to upload at least one good photo of yourself and enter a short description of who you are. Remember this is the bare minimum. Down below I will recommend all the tips you need to know to have success within the three days.

Enter your card information

I know what you’re saying, what!? To access this 3 days Match trial, you need to select one of their subscription plans and enter your card information.

If you realize that match.com this something you do not want to try out within the three days, you can quickly go to your account settings and cancel the subscription before you ever get charged. Just make sure to do this within 72 hours after you sign up and you will have no problems.

The only reason you need to enter your full credit card information is that you are receiving full access to a paid account for three days. I have never heard of anybody having trouble canceling their account.

Is match.com worth it after the free trial?

I think that match.com is worth it even after the trial membership is over. The truth of the matter is that most people will not meet their perfect match with only three days of being on the website.

That is why I recommend people sign up for at least 6 to 12 months on dating websites. This is the sweet spot as we call it in the dating industry and the people that have the most success stick around for a while.

The chances that you’ll meet somebody significant in your life on one of these websites is exceptionally high. But it does take some time to be able to sift through the members to find that one person.

It is merely a math equation and would require extreme luck to find the perfect person with only three days of being able to chat.

Luckily, the price of match.com is much lower than it was even a few years ago because they need to compete with mobile application prices. A few years back I remember a single month at match.com would cost approximately $50.

Now you can sign up for as little as $11.99 a month if you use my 25% off discount link. This is almost 1/5 of the price that it used to cost. It’s crazy how much cheaper it is now than when I first signed up years ago!

Here are what the match.com prices look like with the 25% discount:


Well, that’s about it ladies and gentlemen I hope you liked my article on the strategies I have to take full advantage of the match three-day free trial.

You can sign up for the Match 3 day trial right off the bat. But if you take advantage of the strategies that I outlined above, you will have a much higher success rate of finding a significant connection within a few days.

Honestly, the best way to take full advantage of the different link offers I have on this page would go something like this. Sign up for the free match.com membership and create a big list of potential people you would like to talk to.

Then sign up for the three-day trial and the message everyone that you can read at the beginning. Right before the 72 hours is that you need to cancel this membership, so you don’t get charged the full membership price.

After you have canceled, come back to my site and click through the 25% off discount link and sign up. This is only if you want to continue to use match.com’s services. These are the best loopholes in the system that you can get.

Let me know what you guys thought of my article. Have you guys tried out match.com? What did you guys think?

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