Dating a Colombian Woman – The Ultimate guide for 2019

A Guide For Dating a Colombian Woman

If there is one typical thing that’s widely popular about Colombia, the gorgeous females undoubtedly take the very first place. Famous for their natural beauty, they are definitely among the most desirable ones in the world.

Have you already met one that stole your heart? If the answer is no- our guide is just the thing you need. If the answer is positive, again, our guide can help you conquer the beautiful Colombian woman the best way possible.

If you are a guy traveling to this wonderful country, you are going to need some super powerful dating tips and tricks that work like magic. After all, what is the main reason the majority of men visit Colombia? To meet and if lucky enough, start dating one of the most adorable Columbians.

One way or another, we have gathered a whole collection of great tips where you will find out all there is about the most voluptuous female creatures on the planet. There are many prejudices, some make sense, while others are far from the truth. So, let the myth-busting begin!

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The Easiest Way to Steal Colombian Lady’s Heart

Okay, let’s make one thing clear- we do not have a super magical formula that will make her blindly fall in love with you. That’s entirely up to you!

But we do have a set of amazing tips that will make the road look less complicated. But being familiar with the things that mean to her like what ticks a Colombian woman off, you are more likely to catch her attention with creating an endearing profile picture, what not to do on your profile, the kind of flirting that can stimulate a Colombian woman and so on. The more knowledge, the closer you are to ending up in a relationship with one.

Even statistics are pretty much favorable, as Colombia is the nation with the least number of divorces on a global level. It could be that men really put plenty of effort into understanding them and it pays off, in the form of a happy long-term (lifetime) connection.

So, here are several things that are typical for Colombian women:

The beauty and all the diversities that come along

The beauty and all the diversities that come along

Simply put, the variety of gorgeousness is enormous. All the Columbia beauties are worldwide popular for their curvaceous bodies and flawless skin, but none of them looks the same.

Their complexions are very diverse, and all of them are aware of the power of their breath-taking appearance. So, it’s up to your personal taste, which one will become the chosen one.

The ladies will appreciate giving compliments on behalf of their amazing beauty. They love attention and good flirting in a Colombian way and want you to see and honor their gifted physical beauty.

The pride of being feminine

Being extremely open-minded, they celebrate their femininity at its finest. So, those who are shy stand no chances when dating a Colombia girl. From your choice of the username to the distinct profile picture, as well as the way you ask a Colombian woman for her number, all must speak masculinity and boldness.

What we are trying to say is that they themselves will not act the same way as men do. They won’t fight for equal rights like ladies from all over the world do.

They will whole-heartedly enjoy being the way they are- ultimately feminine. So, be the leader but still respect her individuality. Show her that you are there to protect her, but that you are aware of all the powers of her own personality.

Respect for family

It’s kind of typical for all Latin America women to value family a lot. The majority of them come from huge families, and gatherings and rituals are of significant importance to them.

When in a relationship with Colombian lady, be prepared to listen to long, long stories about her family. I mean like, lots of her family. Be prepared to hear all there is (and much more than that) about parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and the list goes on. In other words, they are family-oriented and love to set goals in a relationship.

A certain number of single Colombian females continue living with families or even extended families as well. Show interest in her families and let her know that it’s quite okay for you. You should give it a shot and enjoy your long-distance relationship with your Colombian love in a new way.

She needs to see that you have lots of respect for her attachment to her family. But this has plenty of good sides, you know.

By listening to her family, you will get an even better insight into the culture. If you are lucky enough to meet some family members, you will get more valuable information about your beloved one.

The passion for dancing

The passion for dancing guide to dating a Colombian woman

As soon as the beats get started, the hips start moving wildly. That would be the shortest description of how Colombian ladies react to the sound of music.

You could describe it like “It’s in their biology!” moment because they simply cannot resist moving their body when the music gets started.

So, if you are interested in Colombian women and truly eager to conquer her heart, use this advantage. Before you actually travel to Colombia for that planned long-awaited visit, give some dance lessons a chance. The investment will pay off in the best way possible- you will have all the gorgeousness by your side.

Of course, nobody expects you to instantly become top-class worldwide popular dancer, but someone who has a good command of several basic steps. As you learn the dance steps, you also learn how to communicate with a Colombian beauty.

Matching the natural rhythm and talent of the population can be tricky, particularly for those who come from different cultures or are non-dancers. However, it’s not impossible.

Learning several basic steps is nothing of complicated science. Actually, the whole trick is in keeping her really close to your body. Seducing and giving flirtatious gestures to the partner during the dance is what Latinas like a lot.

Before you pack your bags and travel to Colombia, get acquainted with the traditional beats and natural flow of the music. Try to let your body follow the natural course of melody and move to it.

You can practice that in front of the mirror. It may seem silly at first, but the more you do so, the better you will be. And the feeling of being uncomfortable will be gone.

And what’s best of all when the moment comes, you will be the one inviting the adorable lady for a dance. She will be thrilled, and your chances and likelihood to have her heart will instantly boost.

Another place to meet Colombian younger girls to test the waters is bars and clubs where they spend a lot of time dancing.

The subject of religion

This may be a slightly delicate topic, but precisely for that reason, you have to be aware of it. Roman Catholic Church has quite a dominant role in entire Latin America.

Colombian ladies are raised to behave religiously. The men who lack interest in the religious aspect, if truly interested in dating a woman from Colombia, will have to alter the attitude.

We are not saying that one needs to become the most passionate religious creature on Earth but simply show understanding and respect. Trying to dissuade her from performing the religious rituals and activities may threaten the relationship.

Don’t be surprised if she invites you to attend the church mass. Accept the invitation and don’t be afraid that you will get lost in all the complicated rituals.

The logic is quite simple, just follow other people and do the same as they do. You will catch up with the activities quickly, and she will be content that you put some special effort to get close to her.

Explore the culture

If you are really serious about getting closer with a woman from Colombia, then you have surely explored the culture and all the wonders. However, the value of first-hand experience is priceless.

She will be eager to introduce you to as many different traditional segments from the culture as possible. Be it food, drink, some typical activity or custom, she will be happy to be your guide and introduce you to her rich culture.

Here’s a super cool tip for you! Have you heard of Aguardiente? It’s Colombia’s national drink made of sugar cane. It’s of a rather strong taste.

If your lady kindly invites you to try it, don’t put her down. The drink is served in shot glasses but consumed slowly, so to get used to its unusual taste gradually.

Just do not consume it excessively.

Become a fashionista

Become a fashionista guide to dating a Colombian woman

Okay, some men will indeed find it challenging. But, just look at the situation from an objective point of view. If you are trying to conquer a lady that looks dashing, you yourself should be looking as if you are on the way to the gym.

Nobody says that you have to walk away to some exclusive boutique and buy the most expensive wearables. Just make sure you are well-dressed as well. Mind the hygiene, prepare your appearance and gesture when you visit.

Show her that you care about yourself and your appearance, look presentable when you meet your Colombian goddess.

Find the balance for the dressing combination. Make it look slightly formal, but not too strict. Be elegant but casual at the same time.

Don’t forget that the attitude matters as well. So, whatever you happen to be wearing, show that you are satisfied with your appearance. That positivity will certainly reflect on your appearance, and you will leave a good impression.

Based on my experience with Colombian, the majority of women living in Colombia date foreigners who are physically attractive and have a sense of humor for a long-term relationship.

Hello jealousy, goodbye, peace

This is something that comes inevitably with so much beauty involved. But, it’s not you that will be madly jealous, it’s actually her.

Oh yes, being aware of all the gorgeousness everywhere around, Colombian women see other women as rivals. Therefore, it’s very likely that they will act possessively.

So, be it just the waitress or some friend of yours, she will give you THE look if she feels threatened.

Sometimes this can be fun, but from a longer perspective, it can be tiring as well. Just ask yourself, are you willing to spend the whole life with someone who jealously checks all the messages in your phone and controls your friendships?

Of course not! There are several ways to deal with such behavior, but it’s of vital importance to cut it before it becomes a burden.

One method would be ignoring such an attitude. If you let her know that you pay no attention to her possessiveness she may stop acting like that.

The other is trying to talk to her. Explain to her and have that conversation that is explicit enough. Also, show that you don’t like the way she acts and show her that she’s the only one that your heart belongs to.

How to Make Colombian Girl Fall in Love with You?

How to Make Colombian Girl Fall in Love with You

Now that you know all the main characteristics of the most attractive ladies in the world, what’s the next logical step? Well, becoming the one she would like to be with, of course. Planning the future with a Columbian woman and setting relationship goals is the next phase.

You know, they are more than aware of their gorgeousness, so believing that they will grab you as soon as you get off the plane and keep you till the rest of their life simply won’t work. Colombian ladies, being from Latin America, have hot nature and therefore dominant personality, your task is to surpass it and plan ahead.

Sounds tricky, doesn’t it? But, if you are really eager to make one fall in love with you, it’s worth trying. There’s nothing you can lose, but you can actually get a lot in return. Most chicks are pretty open to meet foreigners, and that’s already a huge plus.

But that certainly doesn’t mean they are the ones to work on the “heart conquering” strategy. You’re the one to fight that battle. And you certainly want to end up winning the heart of a wonderful lady from Colombia, don’t you?

Here are some of the main steps to take:

Physical appearance MATTERS

If you are the one looking for the beauty beyond imagination, it’s quite natural that Columbian ladies will look the same. Being average simply won’t work. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have no chances unless you are a handsome model.

Being presentable is what the whole thing is about. Don’t be a slob, and don’t be overweight either. Pay attention to what your clothes look like. The presentation of your username the amazing features on your online profile to set the tone for you, pay attention to that.

Of course, true beauty comes from the inside as well, so make sure you don’t look scared. Trust us, it WILL reflect on your face and overall appearance, and that can only decrease the chances to be the one she wants.

Being cheap is a HUGE no-no

You may be tired of come cliché bits of advice, but this one actually makes plenty of sense. The strategy requires knowledge of that very specific culture.

What we are aiming at here is that Colombian culture belongs to the category of old-fashioned ones.  This means they will expect you to pay for dates, not them.

Men should behave masculine; women should act feminine is the logic here. Men are the ones to lead and protect, ladies are to be protected.

Once you grasp this way of thinking, you’ll be a step closer to getting one of the most desirable ladies right by your side.

Be the one SHE wants

It all boils down to confidence here! Like we said, being a leader, or precisely, acting like one is something they like.

Make sure that aura is present from the very first moment you meet online, to the way you ask for her number, because the bigger the aura, the higher the chances.

However, do avoid being fake or arrogant. We already mentioned how dominant their personality is, so knowing how to handle that will help you.

Self-confident and open and above all pleasant approach would be the most appropriate way to her heart. If there’s to use one exact word to describe this- assertive is just the thing!

Acting with an attitude also means you need to have a good plan. If you have no idea where to take the lady on the date, how to have fun- then dating a Colombian woman is not the thing you should be doing.

So, take time to plan and check out what can affect you seeing each other and some interesting options, arrange the meeting to show here that you really mean it. Show her that you really wanted to make her feel special in every possible way.

Though Colombian beauties know that men from all over the world are interested in dating them, they do recognize when someone put special efforts. And they will appreciate that, be sure.

Hablas Español?

Hablas Español?

Speaking of true efforts, have you ever thought of learning how to speak Spanish? Now’s the right time to do so.

It’s not only for the sake of making gorgeous women fall in love with you, but exploring the culture, people and country. BUT it will certainly be a huge plus when you meet Colombian women.

The majority of them don’t speak English fluently, and by learning a bit of Spanish, you will break all the language barriers. This particularly goes for ladies from some smaller cities, that are not so frequent tourist destinations.

Those women barely speak English or have no command of it at all. So, instead of limiting the possibilities to huge cities only, becoming knowledgeable of this amazing language will result in multiple benefits.

Of course, there’s always the body language, as the universal means of communication. But, a bit of extra knowledge of how to communicate with a promising Colombian woman won’t hurt, right?

Where to Look for Colombian Women?

Well, in Columbia, of course! (pun intended!) Anyway, there are many cities, and each of them has pros and cons. Like we mentioned, having some command of Spanish means that you will be able to explore more than just big cities, as there will be fewer language barriers.

On the other hand, some people prefer trying their luck with dating sites. That’s fine as well. If you opt for this, make sure you are familiar with some basic code of conduct on the internet.

A good online dating site is a great place for single guys to meet single women and start dating.

There are many online dating sites, but the majority of them can be scams. Try finding some reputable one to improve your experience and chance to meet beautiful girls, which has plenty of positive reviews from users.

When you do so, make an enchanting profile where you will represent yourself the best way possible, without exaggerating. You need to show who you are, not create a false impression by knowing what not to write on your profile.

Then, based on your preferences, look for some ladies. Those platforms mainly work in such a way, by filtering and displaying the potential candidates to match each other preferences.

When writing messages, be polite and sweet because your chances will be higher with a captivating profile.

An Adventure or Truly Committed Relationship?

An Adventure or Truly Committed Relationship

To be precise, it’s not just what you want but knowing what they want as well. Sounds puzzling, doesn’t it? Let’s make it clearer.

As for you, define in the beginning if you are looking for a hot and voluptuous Latina to have sex with her or a girl to build a relationship with. Approaches are not entirely different; either way, you need to act like a gentleman and you need to know what not do with your profile in other to keep them coming.

But the main catch lies in the fact that the economic situation in the country is an actually problematic one. The majority of women will desperately look for a fine opportunity to improve the situation by stealing an enchanted man’s heart. You can guide yourself by knowing the signs to look out for in such women.

So, blindly seduced a man on one side and jaw-droppingly irresistible Latina on the other screams ALERT! So, have this in mind when looking for a Colombian lady.

It’s quite okay to have an informal relationship if both sides agree on that. But, be careful not to get tricked into giving the pro-level gold-digger your credit card.

Like we said, Colombian women are highly aware of the immense power or their mouth-watering look, and they know how to use it. On the other hand, not all of them are only interested in using the opportunity to seduce and run away.

They are also gentle souls looking for a fine gentleman to have a family with. So, finding the one that shares the same vision is the same.

If fun is what both of you want-go for it! If you are looking for a partner to spend the whole life with- go for it! The only thing that matters is that both sides are looking for the same thing, whatever that is. 


As you can see, it’s nothing of complicated science. These are mainly the things that the majority of men already have in mind, just having them collected in one place is of great help.

The good thing about learning how to date a Colombian woman will actually help you learn a lot about yourself. You will become more aware of yourself and your virtues and flaws. So, this may also come as a useful improvement in your own personality.

We hope our thorough guide will be of help when the moment comes. What else to say but- wish you the best of luck with stealing the heart of a Colombian woman!

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