HowAboutWe Review – How about we see if it’s good?

Hey guys and gals and welcome to my HowAboutWe review! is an interesting and fresh approach to online dating.

They like to refer to themselves as the “Offline Dating Site” as their main focus is getting you out on dates as fast as possible.

For them, the future of online dating is offline dating. takes a different spin on setting up online dates.

Instead of creating the typical dating profile and answering lengthy questionnaires the sites let you create “Date Ideas” (this is the basis of the site’s name “how about we”).

The idea behind the site is that people are tired of the usual endless messaging and texting that other sites offer and want to connect with someone quickly and get offline.

Date Ideas is where you suggest an activity, and a meeting place and other members will see your suggestions.

If they like your date idea, you can both go out on that particular date, Simple. This unique way of connecting people brings a level of fun and creativity that few other online dating sites can offer.

This is because some people will come up with standard, unoriginal dating ideas, whereas others will do something completely adventurous and unique or downright hilarious.

With the many Date Ideas to choose from you could be spending an entire day going through the suggested dates and not find a single duplicate.

Enjoy my HowAboutWe Review as we think it a very original site that might one day be one of the best online dating sites! Let’s jump right into my review!

HowAboutWe review

Ease of use/Site Navigation, Layout, and Design

Depending on your preference using the site can seem easy or a tad complicated.

This is because for some people the site’s overly beautiful design it might appear crowded and hard to navigate.

Gorgeous design aside the site is quite simple and easy to use. To the left is a section for Singles and to the right is the section for Couples.

Unfortunately, this section is super responsive so you could easily make the wrong selection.

Scrolling down will reveal the “Find Dates” section and going down even further shows you the “Get Started” section.

The main disadvantage of the site design and layout is that the navigation buttons are at the bottom of the page and you need to scroll all the way down to view them, which is not exactly convenient.

In essence, you will either be blown away by the site’s beauty or annoyed that there seems to be too much happening on one page.


As large memberships go, is far from it.

They do have a decent sized membership database, nothing close to the likes of, eHarmony or even OkCupid.

Success Rates

It is safe to say that enjoys a modest success rate. It has been stated that about 12% of the people who met through currently use their couples feature.

This is not to say that some of the remaining couples are no longer dating, it merely means that few continue to use the site to go out on dates.

Another indication that couples are finding success on the site is that Couples has maintained a 90% month-over-month retention and enjoyed a membership of over 500,000 users.

How Much Does HowAboutWe Cost? functions similarly as other dating sites.

You are charged a membership fee month which gives you the ability to search through dates and earn a free date.

Another payment option to take advantage of is paying per date based on the date that you choose. The membership fees are as follows:

  • One month = $34.99 each month
  • Three months = $19.99 each month (total $59.97)
  • Six months = $11.99 each month (total $71.94)
  • One year = $8.99 each month (total $107.88)

Payment of the membership fees gives you access to the site’s many features.

is HowAboutWe worth it


The site’s main feature is its “Date Ideas.” Members can post any Date Idea that they have.

Members then search through the many ideas that have been posted to find the one that appeals to them the most and well, goes out on a date once they have made a selection.

Other features include the ability to link your Facebook profile to the site, seeing who view you, the ability to read your messages, find subscribers who can message you back and check out other members’ profiles.

Another cool feature is the ability to play various games such as speed dates, daily dates and date maps.

HowAboutWe Review Conclusion is a cool dating site that is going to appeal mainly to young people who would like to spend more time dating than searching through endless profiles hoping to find a match.

Although the site is geared towards helping singles to find dates, it also does its best to appeal to couples as well with its Couples feature.

Its unique approach to dating offers diversity and an element of fun for the adventurous individual.

Older people who are looking for marriage or at the very least a long-term relationship might be put off by the overemphasis on dating and as such might not find this site appealing.

If you fall into this category, then this review suggest that you head over to our eHarmony.comMatch, and Chemistry review to check them out.

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All of these will help you get a better idea of which site is right for you! I hope my HowAboutWe review helped you decide if it is right for you!

  • You are guaranteed offline dates, or you will receive a refund
  • Has a good community with active members that participate frequently
  • Very attractive website and relatively easy to navigate
  • Creating your profile is quick and simple unlike other online dating sites where profile creation can take up to an hour
  • A fun and more natural way to go out on dates – you also tend to get real dates faster
  • If you are not a paid subscriber, you cannot use the site’s messaging function
  • The only way to unlock the features of the website is by upgrading your membership
  • It does not use algorithms and questionnaires to find matches for you
  • There have been complaints of poor customer service
  • You might not like the person that you are doing the dating activity with