Finding love after marriage? – How to start over after divorce

Hey guys and gals, if you are finding this post you are probably in search of how you can start over after divorce.

I know exactly what you’re going through because I had to go to the same thing. The initial stages can be rough, but in the end, you’ll be a much happier person.

By the end of this guide, you will have a good game plan for finding love after marriage. The tips in this article will help you determine whether or not you are ready to start dating again, and if so, what you need to do to get mentally prepared.

The best word that probably describes dating after a divorce is extremely scary. Just putting yourself out on the market after a long-term relationship can be a daunting task. Let’s see how to conquer this together, shall we?

3 tips to finding love after marriage

1: Find out if you are ready

Finding love after marriage

The very first step that you need to take is determining whether or not you are ready to start dating and looking for a relationship.

This can be a tricky thing as you probably have a lot of different mixed emotions towards the topic in general.

And since there is no rule of thumb for how long you should wait to date after divorce, you need to observe yourself closely. The time it takes varies widely on how long the marriage was in how bitter the eventual divorce in breakup was.

The best piece of advice is to give yourself exactly how much time you need. In this depends on a person-to-person basis.

The most significant sign that you are ready to start dating after divorce is when you notice that your emotions are starting to level out. Is much as most people crave love and affection immediately after divorce, this might not be the best time to start dating.

Most people don’t want to go on a date with somebody that can lose control of their emotions suddenly with crying or drinking too much.

If you feel depressed or going through grief after divorce, you need to let this run its course. Sometimes time is the best thing to heal a broken heart. Once your attitude starts changing in you are in a much more positive state of mind, this is when you should value your readiness to begin dating.

This usually comes after processing your previous relationship and coming to peace with what happens. When you come to accept this, it is now time. We

2: Get optimistic about dating and relationships

Although your last relationship turned out to be a complete mess, that does not mean that every relationship in your future will also turn out the same way.

You have to have hope and be optimistic about dating and relationships in general otherwise you are doomed to fail.

You need to accept that for every good date you will have, there will be at least one bad day to go along with it. This is simply the nature of dating and compatibility in general.

If you’re still upset, cranky or pissed off at the opposite sex, there’s no way you are not going to have this show through when you’re going on a date with somebody.

You need to perceive your date as a fun adventure with a friend. Even though you might have never met this person before, you should be open-minded and ready for any new experience that comes your way on your date.

With dating and relationships, the worst-case scenario is that you will not click or have chemistry with the other person. Go in there with an open mind, and you might be surprised at how different dating can be.

3: Focus on you first, other people second

How to start over after divorce

Although starting to date and even looking for a relationship might be your end goal, focusing on yourself should be the primary goal.

Self-improvement is one of the most attractive features that a man or woman can have towards attracting another human being.

In lots of relationships, people get used to doing things for another person. In the case of a divorce, that person is now gone, and you need to learn how to do stuff only for you.

You need to learn how to treat yourself and take care of yourself. You need to move past self-blame for what happened in your previous relationship and start loving yourself again.

Once you have found this the drive to better yourself and to live the best possible if you can, without doing it for anyone else, you are ready to start dating.

This self-love and happiness will be very apparent and attractive to everyone else you encounter.

4 tips to dating after a divorce

After getting through the previous stage and realizing that you are ready to start dating since your divorce, let’s get into some actual tips for how to start dating again.

1: Give online dating a shot, but do it correctly

online dating after divorce

Since being married until the present day, Internet dating has exploded. You may not have ever thought about online dating before, but now it is practically the most common way to meet people.

Online dating has changed a lot as well over the last couple decades. There is every type of dating site that you can imagine ranging from farmers looking for other farmers, fitness enthusiast dating sites, Star Wars fans dating sites and everything else in between.

You don’t have to start with a niche dating website in less you have a very particular type of person that you are looking to date.

My most recommended solution is to try a dating website that has a large number of users with a robust search and filter capabilities. The other option is to try a dating website that has a perfect matchmaking system that has resulted in lots of successful dates and relationships.

I would avoid the free dating websites at all costs. This is because there are so many fake profiles, people looking to scam other people and in general, don’t have as many high-quality matches as the paid websites do.

You can get a paid dating website for as low as $10-$15 per month which is not that much if you think about the full world of possibilities that it opens you up to. Paid dating websites usually have some safety features to make sure your personal information and online dating safety is essential. The most common one is identification verification features.

The two overall dating websites that I recommend are and eHarmony. has millions of users based out of the United States so there will be plenty of people to choose from especially if you live in or near a larger city. This website has fantastic search and filter capabilities so that you can find the person you are looking for on a wide array of different characteristics. I suggest checking out the website here.

eHarmony, on the other hand, is excellent if you would prefer to be more hands-off with your online dating experience. Their dating algorithm is incredible at finding very highly compatible matches for their users. After filling out your in-depth personality profile, the eHarmony matchmaking program will send you five compatible matches every single day. It is then up to you whether or not you want to start a conversation with one or all of can check out the eHarmony website here for more information.

If you are serious about online dating and want to give it a good shot, you are going to need to build a beautiful profile that explains who you are, what you are looking for and shows your best traits to the people on the website.

This involves writing an in-depth bio and taking some new good-looking photos of you. These photos should be of you doing the things that you like to do. If you like to do things outdoors, show that. If you are in love with cooking or painting, put your best foot forward with some great pictures of these hobbies.

A general rule of thumb is trying not to include anyone else in your pictures on your online dating profile. This means that all the images should be a few, and you only. No friends, pets or kids.

2: Give your friends a shout and let them know

dating after a divorce

One of the best things that you can do while getting back into the dating scene is to let all of your friends know that you are single and looking to mingle.

You should reach out both to your single friends as well as your married friends or friends that are in relationships.

One of the best ways to meet other men or women to start dating is through friends and family.

One of the best reasons to meet somebody through friends and family is that they are usually already vetted by people that you know as being good and trustworthy individuals.

Your single friends will be a great source of fun and freedom on the weekends. These are great people to go out with because they have the same mindset as you do. They also act as great wingmen or wingwomen.

Make sure to hop on Facebook and direct message some of your close friends letting them know your current situation in that you are ready to get out and start dating!

3: Join a class or hobby group

The third recommendation on my list of getting started with dating after divorce is to join an excellent class or hobby group.

If you are ready to start dating, why not date somebody that has very similar interests? But how can you meet somebody with the same interests as you, you might say?

You need to join a night class or a hobby/enthusiasts group. If you have a local community college in your area, I’m sure they offer plenty of night classes that you can join. I suggest joining some art class such as pottery, painting or a sculpture class.

There are also plenty of hobby groups to join with their online or in person. There are dozens of different Facebook groups for various types of hobbies that you can join. Lots of times these groups have meetups once a week or so.

This is a great place to mingle with new individuals while talking about stuff that you both have a passion for as well.

4: Get out of your comfort zone and try something new

If you are looking to find love after a divorce, the biggest thing that you need to do is get out of your comfort zone.

After being married for years and years to the same person, you probably got stuck in the same dull routine, doing the same things every single day.

You need to shake things up in your daily routine to meet new people, have new experiences and have a different perspective.

One way that you can try to do this is to challenge yourself to do one new activity that you have never tried before every single week.

Like I mentioned above, these can be things like joining a new class, starting a new hobby or learning something new such as a language or an instrument.

On your path to doing these new exciting things, you will run across lots of different people in your path. This is exactly what you need right now and could be a fantastic way to meet somebody new and exciting.

How to start over after a divorce conclusion

Well, that’s about it ladies and gentlemen for my article on how to start over after divorce. Starting to date after divorce can be very tricky and even scary when first starting.

Finding love after marriage is a long journey, but it all begins with acceptance and realizing that it is possible.

You need to realize whether or not you are in the proper state to start dating again. If you feel like you are ready, I highly suggest following my tips to begin dating that I mentioned above.

The biggest suggestion I could have is to give online dating a shot. There’s nothing to lose, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up for a site, make your profile and start browsing through possible individuals on the website.

Dating should be fun! It should not be something that is energy consuming; it should be the opposite. You should feel excited about starting to date again; this is the first step to full recovery.

I hope you guys liked my article, please leave a comment down below with any stories of dating, divorce or anything in between!