Why Online Dating Sucks in 2019 – What can be done?

I know how you feel, I feel the same way that you do.

Online dating sucks as it currently stands.

But why does online dating suck so much? That is what I will be going over in this article as well as how I wish it will change in the future.

I will also give the steps that I have learned to make online dating more tolerable. These are also tips that have given me success in the online dating arena, and I will let you guys know exactly what those tips are.

Let’s not waste any more time and get right into the heart of the article.

Currently why online dating sucks

We are now living in a weird time where people are transitioning from primarily common dating strategies to online dating. I do not doubt that in 10 years, online dating will be much more accepted and much more promising than it currently is.

There are still a lot of places in the world where online dating is extremely criticized by friends and family members who met the good old fashion way. Apparently, this view on online dating is changing slowly, but this is currently a fact of the matter.

In this article, I will be talking about four reasons why online dating is currently horrible. These main reasons are that people are still scared to meet online, people go on dating websites to feel good, people go on dating sites to scam other people and the differences between paid and free dating websites.

I will also give some tips at the end to be able to avoid most of these poor quality people online.

People are still scared about meeting each other online

Although some dating websites such as plenty of fish and OKcupid boast an absurd amount of users, there is only a small percentage of people that are willing to meet up with you.

The truth is that people are still scared of online dating. There is still a ton of uncertainty when it comes to online dating. This is because people can create fake profiles very easily. Even after talking to a match for weeks, a lot of times they will be hesitant to meet up.

This is especially true for women. Most of those have probably heard or stories of physical abuse or trickery from online dating. Because of this reason, a lot of us are more hesitant to get out there and meet up with our matches.

Some things that dating websites should do to fix these problems:

One thing dating websites can do is create more secure measures so that people cannot create false profiles. They can do this by having to verify their identity with their driver’s license or another form of official identification.

Big dating websites should also include a background check option for potential matches. This would make people at ease knowing that they are not going to date someone that had spent time in prison.

Some things that we can do to help

There are third-party background check options that are available to us. Using the services might make people more comfortable meeting up with one another.

Another thing that we can do is to move off the dating website platform and start talking over standard text or phone calls. By doing this, we make each other “real people.” If we are sitting behind a dating website profile, there is less of a real factor to our identities.

Having phone conversations, or even better video calls with one another puts a real face to our personality. Getting to this stage will make it much more likely that your match will meet up with you in real life.

People go on dating sites just for an ego boost

One of the saddest things about online dating is that people only sign up to give themselves an ego boost. These type of people get pleasure from matching with tons of people who in some way “validates” who they are. This makes them feel popular I guess.

A lot of people in a similar fashion login to online dating websites to gain social profile followers for sites such as Facebook or Instagram.

Some things that we can do to avoid these types of people:

It is usually pretty easy to pinpoint these types of people. They always have their social media profile attached to their dating profile if possible. If it’s not possible, they usually write: follow me on Instagram.

When you see profiles like these, simply skip right over them. Trying to talk to these people is merely a waste of time, and you will end up being frustrated afterward.

People create false profiles to trick and scam

People that develop false profiles to trick or scam people out of money are the worst type of people when it comes to online dating. These people can be hazardous and at the same time very convincing.

These are the people that play on people’s emotions for a personal gain. So what can we do with these types of online daters?

The best thing that we can do is to be overly cautious with who we match with and who we start talking with online. This is another situation where online background checks might come in handy.

This is another big reason why people should have to register with an official type of ID on dating websites. This should be true whether you are using a free dating website or a paid dating website.

Once again, if you are talking to somebody online, try to move it off-line so that you can get a better feel for this person and their intentions. Speaking on the phone or video chat is a better idea when it comes to your matches.

Free versus paid online dating sites

Let’s talk about the difference between free online dating websites and paid online dating websites.

Free dating websites can be fantastic for people just starting out because they can let them dip their toes into the online dating scene. There are a couple of problems with this though.

The first problem is that you end up running into a lot of bad matches overall when you are doing free online dating. It is true that there are a lot more individuals on these free dating websites than on paid dating websites. But that does not mean that you have a higher percent chance of meeting a quality person.

From my experience, it just means that you will be running into more scammers, false profiles and people looking for social profile followers or merely an ego boost. The people on free dating websites usually are a lot flakier and easily dismiss meeting up in person. A lot of people are just on these free dating websites to chat, and nothing more.

Paid online dating websites such as eHarmony or match.com, on the other hand, do a much better job of filtering out these bad profiles. There are a couple of reasons for this.

The first reason is that the people I mentioned above are also people that don’t like to pay for things to get what they want. There’s a much higher chance that if you meet a paying customer, they are probably on the dating website meet and date other people.

In fact, I have never once had a match that I felt was a false profile or somebody trying to take advantage of me while on the two sites mentioned above match.com and eHarmony.

And although these dating websites do cost money, there are a lot cheaper now than they were five years ago since they need to compete with mobile application prices. You can check out the current prices for match.com here with the current prices for eHarmony here.

The conclusion on why online dating sucks

Will that about wraps up my article on why online dating sucks. I think it will take a while for dating websites to realize they need to have more security features in place, such as ID validation and background check functionalities.

Hopefully, in about ten years or so, online dating is widely accepted around the world which will also help.

In the meantime, I do have some recommendations for all of you to have more success with online dating.

This includes creating an attractive online dating profile to stand out from the crowd. I also have some online dating tips for men and four women that I suggest you check out. As I mentioned above, I highly recommend checking out a paid online dating website to avoid bad profiles as much as you possibly can.

I hope we can all continue to improve the online dating website presence and how people currently feel about online dating in general.

Leave me a comment down below to let me know what you guys think!