Hey Ladies and welcome to my article on Things to Get Your Boyfriend! Women have long since earned the reputation of being difficult to shop for; however, you may or may not be surprised to know that it can be hard to find things to get your boyfriend. This is true whether it’s his birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion. Sure your man would love to get tickets to go watch his favorite team play or to go to see that band that he has always wanted to see, but men like to receive gifts as much as women do. The trick is to find that gift that he will like and that he will actually use and remember for months to come. A great gift for your boyfriend need not be complicated, nor does it have to be expensive. What they need to be is well thought out and to the point. Let’s get right into my article on Things to Get Your Boyfriend! Some other articles that you might find helpful are what makes a good girlfriend, romantic evening ideas as well as what do men find attractive.

Things to Get Your Boyfriend

Know the Type of Man that You Have

The first thing to figuring out what to buy for your boyfriend is to actually know the type of boyfriend that you have. It makes no sense giving a man who loves the outdoors something that is designed to keep him inside, likewise giving someone who is into tech gadgets a 12 piece cooking set makes no sense (unless this cooking set has some form of tech built-in).

Find out What He Wants

The best way to get a gift that your man will truly appreciate is to find out what he wants. Doing so can be as simple as asking him what he wants for Christmas, Birthday, whatever the occasion is. Now he might say that he doesn’t want anything or that he isn’t fussy about the type of gift that he gets, but try to have him give you some ideas about the things that he would like.

His Hobbies

If you have been a good girlfriend, you would have been paying close attention to his hobbies or activities that he engages in outside of work. Does he like sports? Is he into video games, and if so what type of games does he play? Is he into the latest gadgets? Does he like to cook, paint etc? Whatever he likes to do chances are you can find a gift that he will not only appreciate but use.


His Likes and Favorite Things

This is similar to finding gift ideas based on his hobbies. What is his favorite color, book, movie, music etc? These things might seem simple but they can be quite useful in determining the type of gift that you present to your man.

His Friends Matter

Ladies another great tip to getting your man the right kind of gift is to pay attention to his friends. It is often said that your friends are a reflection of you, so if you notice that his closest friends are into computers then head on over to Best Buy or some other tech store for ideas. If his friends like the great outdoors then find a store that specializes in outdoor items.


Never underestimate the power of brands. If your man likes a certain brand then start from there and search for items (clothing or otherwise) made by that brand. Remember your man chooses that brand for a reason, so just work with it and make your gift selection a lot easier.

Just Listen to Him

Another great way to figure out the best things to get your boyfriend is to actually listen to him. Your man might mention something that he wants in conversations with you without any intention to give you any specific clues. This can happen while your watching TV, out on a walk or even during a leisurely conversation between the both of you. So please pay attention to the things that he is telling you. He might also not say “i want XX item”, instead he might say “i think that “so and so” is nice” or “it would be nice to have or go to XX place”. So ladies just listen.


The Easy Way Out

Ladies if you have used all of the tips outlined above and nothing comes to mind then don’t feel bad by resorting to the tried and true Gift Card. Sure it is impersonal, and sure it seems as if you didn’t put any thought into the gift; however, it is guaranteed that he will use that card to get something that he actually wants, likes and will use. After all the last thing that you want is to have him put your gift somewhere deep out of sight because he simply can’t stand to look at it.

So what are the best things to get your boyfriend? Here are some practical gift ideas. Just note that you need to make sure that the gift that you choose for your man matches his personality, habits and lifestyle.

  • Mini digital picture frames
  • Storage devices such as portable Hard Drives or USB Sticks
  • Recordable keychain
  • Video game that he likes
  • Sports apparel
  • Sports equipment
  • A Watch (the brand, style and color will depend on your man’s taste)
  • Cologne set
  • Books (make sure it is by an author that he likes)
  • A wallet (again take his style into consideration)
  • Mobile phone accessories such as a wireless charger or Bluetooth speakers
  • Kitchen items (if he has not upgraded to newer ones as yet or if he loves to cook)
  • Socks – just because
  • Gag gifts – only do this if you know he will get the joke and please do have another gift on hand if it is a special event.

Conclusion on Things to Get Your Boyfriend

This list has only scratched the surface of what you can get for your man. There are many more ideas out there. Just pay attention to him and with a little research and imagination you can find and create the perfect gift. Oh and one more thing, if you can be sure to personalize his gift as this will make it even more special. If you are in doubt you can check out the Art of manliness because they always have a lot of articles that suggest good things to buy for your man.