How to meet single women near me? The full guide to meeting single women

“All the single ladies, all the single ladies.” As easy as it is to sing along with this awesome hit by Beyoncé, it still leaves most of us wondering: where are all the single ladies?

If you are currently wondering (as I have questioned many times in the past) “how to meet single women near me?”, you have come to the perfect spot.

Welcome to my full guide on where to meet single women. By the end of this article, you will be the master at finding and meeting all the single women in your area. Let’s get right into it so you can start talking to a local single woman tonight!

Where to meet single women? Here are the top 3 places

I suggest trying all of these spots to have the most success with finding single ladies near you. Some of these factors will depend on how populated an area you live in, but for the most part, they apply to large and small cities. Here are the top 3five spots to meet single women.

1: On the great World Wide Web

Online dating websites

Out of all the places online to meet single women, online dating website takes the cake. This is because, well you know, this is exactly what they were made for.

There are tons of girls looking for guys near you; the only problem is they are probably looking online. This is what you need to take advantage of online dating websites because the women are.

Peoples lives are so busy nowadays that people rely on online dating to fill their dating needs without wasting too much of their time.

where to meet single women

No matter what you are looking for or what type of lady you are trying to find online, there is probably a dedicated online dating website just for that type of woman.

There are dating websites ranging from nerds searching for other nerds, fitness people searching for their fitness soulmate, overweight people to people that only work on farms. That’s right, you heard me, there is a farmer only dating website.

These dating websites generally work the best if you are living in or close to a larger city. Even if you don’t live in a large city, it lets you connect with people in an area that you want to find people. For example, if you live in our outside of the larger metropolitan area, you can start connecting with people for the next time that you come to visit. This was never possible before the Internet and has completely revolutionized the way we date in this modern era.

Here are some recommendations for where to meet single women online.

When I was looking for a serious relationship, here is what I used to find single women near me. The top 2, in my opinion, are eHarmony and for serious relationships.

They have thousands of girls looking for guys. is excellent because it lets you search and filter through all of the different women on the website. eHarmony is better for people that want to sit back and chill while their dating algorithm goes to work trying to find you a perfect match.

If you are looking to date around I also recommend Zoosk and Both of these have a large user base so you should have no trouble browsing through thousands of women. is an excellent website for serious relationships as well as to see what’s out there and go on some dates.

Zoosk, on the other hand, has a slightly younger crowd with the majority of people being between 20 and 35 years old.

If you are looking to find local single women that are just looking for a quick fling or a one night stand, I suggest checking out either adult friend finder or a website called benaughty. Both of these websites will find single women near you that are merely looking to have fun. I suggest checking out my article on the top one night stand websites for some other options as well.

Forums and Social media

single women near me

Another medium where you can meet women online is through social media and foreign websites such as Reddit.

Since the invention of Facebook, I have known dozens of friends of mine who have met women online just through friends of friends. People are usually pretty accepting of friend requests on Facebook as long as you are a friend in common of one of theirs. Starting a conversation with these women online is hit or miss, but as long as you are not rude, it is usually taken as a normal occurrence.

In addition to meeting friends through other friends on Facebook, there are usually lots of different Facebook groups for different hobbies and general interests that you can join. This is a great way to meet local single women.

I suggest joining some groups that are related to some of your favorite hobbies and go from there. You can post different information, join in on the conversation and eventually hit it off with some of the other members.

Another place where people congregate online is online forums. These also have a similar feel to Facebook groups as they are usually surrounding a topic of interest or a frame of thought. Similar to the Facebook groups, you can post cool information and jump in the conversation so that you can get involved.

The biggest reason why social media and forearms do not work as well as online dating is because you cannot be assured that the people in the group live in your area. You also cannot be guaranteed that these girls are looking for guys or how they would react if you asked them out.

Online dating on the other hand practically guarantees that the ladies are single, looking and are in your area. Three things that make it the best place to meet single local women.

2: At the workplace or in school

Two other famous places that you could meet ladies in your area are at your work or your school.

Meeting women at your workplace is the best way to get to know women but might not be the most recommended idea. If your relationship with this lady went sour in the future, who knows what could happen. You could be putting your job at risk or the job of the woman you are interested in.

This is why I think meeting women in the school environment is a much better idea overall. For one it shows that you guys are both interested in the same topic. Secondly, women are usually very open with other students in their class.

The biggest recommend station I could give you especially if you are not currently going to school is to sign up for a nighttime class that has something to do with one of your hobbies. Most cities or towns have a local community college that costs very very little to get started.

If you want to meet local single women, I suggest possibly a cooking class or an art class of some sort. These are great because it does not take too much mental strain or studying for tests to get through it. It can be something that you do for fun in your spare time.

3: In populated areas (Well Duh)

I know what you are saying with this one, well, of course, Tyler populated areas are a no-brainer.

Is much as you think this, you would probably be surprised at how many people avoid populated areas without even thinking about it.

Something you need to try to do is to organize your time and scheduled to spend more time in these spaces with the intention of meeting a girl along the way. Here are some great public places to meet in some things you should keep in mind before you go to them.

Public transportation

local single women

Public transportation is shocking to a lot of people. In a while it might seem strange to most people, if you play it right, you can meet plenty of single women that are looking to meet men.

On the other hand, if you do not play it right, you will come across as a super creepy person and might be banned from taking the bus or metro. So make sure you play this one with caution. So if you keep on trying and failing and trying and failing, I would cut my losses with this one before you get in trouble.

You need to be very open and trying to make eye contact with women. You should accompany this eye contact with a small smile. If it’s reciprocated, this is your open the door to starting a conversation. Although most people seem closed off on public transportation, you just need to keep your eyes open for the right girl.

Coffee shops

Coffee shops are a fantastic place to meet local women. Although it might seem like a place people only go to work, there is a good amount of mingling going on in between.

You can start a conversation while in line or with a girl sitting next to you with your laptop as long as she is not closed off with her headphones plugged in.

The same principle as above applies. If you make eye contact, give a smile and wait to see if it’s reciprocated. Never cold approach a girl that is on her laptop to try to start up a conversation. This will fail nine times out of 10.

Clothes shopping

I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed, but women love to go shopping. Not only do they love shopping, but it is also a very social event for them. They are always talking to friends or talking to the people that work at the store.

Is a fantastic icebreaker if you are trying on something and you are trying to get a second opinion on. Asking a girl nearby that is also shopping is an excellent way to get the conversation started.

This also helps because you will probably be looking pretty good in the new close that you are thinking about buying. Your attraction scale has already gone up just from wearing brand-new clothes. The best thing about wearing these brand-new clothes is that you don’t have to buy them! Can you say win-win situation?

At the gym

Although not all girls are looking for guys at the gym, there are plenty of single women in your area that goes. I would probably say that there are more single women they go to the gym then married women or women in a relationship.

Most the time when people are single, they take the time to better themselves both physically and mentally. This includes joining a gym in starting a regular gym routine.

Is not the most natural place to approach a woman, but if she seems open to approach it’s not the worst place. On top of this, you already have something in common because you both go to the same gym.

I suggest getting a membership to a chain gymnasium so that you can try out different spots. If you only have a membership to one location, your chances of meeting new women locally go down slightly.

I suggest trying to start a conversation at the water fountain or in the lobby. That the girl has her headphones in and she’s 100% concentrated, that’s the worst possible time to try to approach her.

Public parks especially dog parks

Public parks are a fantastic way to meet women in your town. This is especially true if it’s a dog walking park and you have an actual dog to walk. Meeting other dog walkers is much easier than you could imagine.

People just love talking about their dogs. There has to be a scientific fact or something because I know this to be true in my life.

So if you love pets, this could be a fantastic option for you to meet single women near you.

In regards to all of the above-mentioned public locations to meet women, you need to be very well presentable during all of these situations.

Since you will be going out of your way to go to these public locations, make sure you are looking sharp. This means keeping your hygiene in perfect check, a fresh haircut, and stylish clothes if you can manage. If you’re trying to meet girls looking for other guys, you better be dressed up and looking good to be one of the guys that they are trying to find.

Conclusion on where to meet single women

I hope this full guide will help you meet some single women in your area. Make sure not to neglect the option of online dating as this is by far the best way to meet local ladies.

Find out what type of ladies you are trying to find and join the appropriate dating website. In general, I think and eHarmony are fantastic options for the majority of people. Both of them have huge user bases so you should not have a problem finding lots of women.

There are also other ways to meet women online as I mentioned above with the social media approach or the Internet forum approach.

If you are trying to meet women in real life, make sure to be looking your best at all times. The five public spots I mentioned above as well as meeting women in your class, or your workplace are the best options.

Where do you guys think the best place to meet single women is? Where have you guys had success with the local women? I want to start a conversation down below so I can continue to improve this guide on how to find and meet women. Until next time guys, good luck with the search!