Best Dating Sites for Men in 2020 – The 5 Top Sites

Best Dating Sites for Men

Hey guys and welcome to my article on the best dating sites for men!

Whether you like it or not dating process has now gone digital, traditional means of dating will never again be the only way that people meet, get to know each other, go out on dates and make a special connection.

As it stands now, research has shown that more than 41 million people in the United States have used an online dating website and those numbers are not slowing down anytime soon, especially given the many successes that people are experiencing by using some of these dating sites and apps.

There is something for everyone within the online dating niche. However, not all dating sites are created equally or serve the same purpose.

There is a healthy mix of everything to suit everyone. For instance, some websites cater to gays interested in gay dating and lesbians, heterosexuals only, Christians, Jews, some are entirely free to use, and some are downright sleazy and only serve the purpose of a quick hookup.

If you are a single male that is searching for love and romance,  long-term relationship, marriage, companionship, friends or even a quick hookup, then you will have no shortage of websites to choose from.

So how do you choose? What is the right choice? Which sites should I avoid and which sites should I seriously consider? Should I go free or paid?

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Now we will not be able to answer all of these questions for you, but we can certainly provide you with the list of the best online dating sites for men.

3 Best Dating Sites for Men

3 Best Dating Sites for Men in 2020: Paid Options

Whereas, eHarmony, and tower above other paying online dating sites, PoF and OkCupid still remain hugely popular because of the free access it grants men looking for partners online. While free dating sites are good, they do not compare to the features the paid ones offer.

Single divorced men trying to start dating again and even married men looking for extra love would find these sites to be absolutely fabulous.


This website seems to always come out on top picks of just about every online dating platform review or list and with good reason – it works, and it’s genuinely one of the best around.

For starters, they are one of the most in-depth online dating services around – period. This is because they use “relationship science” called 29 dimensions of compatibility to develop compatibility matching and marriage profiles.

Yes, marriage profiles. eHarmony is primarily focused on bringing single marriage-minded individuals together.

They have been able to successfully do this through the use of their matching algorithm that they have developed through years of extensive research.

eHarmony is quite popular with more than 15 million members (and growing). They keep their name out there through constant TV ads and other promotions.

With best dating apps for your Smartphone or Tablet device and the unique features, eHarmony is certainly the mobile app that most people think about when they think about online dating.

It also doesn’t hurt that they have an amazing success rate (it also doesn’t hurt that they also constantly tell you about their success rates).

eHarmony claims to have played a part in about 4% of all marriages in the United States.

Now those are some encouraging figures for any man looking for their significant other.

eHarmony membership cost is on the higher-end of the online dating site spectrum, but honestly, an membership is 100% worth it, no questions asked.

If you are a heterosexual man looking for a spouse or a long-term relationship, then this is definitely the place to be as it is one of the best online dating sites.

Just be prepared to spend some quality time on the site as that is how you will get the best search results alongside having a dating profile that does not scare potential dates away.

Our best advice to you is to purchase a 6-month membership package as this will give you the best value for money rather than a monthly fee.

If you think a 6-month membership is too much or too expensive than ask yourself this one question: how practical is it to find that special someone in one month or less? Would you marry a woman who you met one month ago and have barely started communicating with?

Sure there are exceptions to this, but they are few and far between and most people need more time to get to know someone before taking they start setting goals for the future.

If you like you could combine an eHarmony membership with that of a free online dating service such as Plenty of Fish or OkCupid (which we will discuss later).

Click here to check out the complete review of Click here to see how eHarmony stacks up against the overall best online dating sites.

Try out eHarmony for free right here.

This is one of the top online dating sites for men if you are looking for something a little more serious from a faithful and committed man.

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This is the place to be if your primary objective is to get married, at least that is what the ads say. is a marriage focused website (like eHarmony).

The website also comes to one’s mind first when they are thinking about which online dating site to join.

Their main aim is to get you married so if you are looking for a wife, then you are certainly in the right place.

Like eHarmony they are hugely popular with more than 15 million members as well. They serve more than 24 countries in about 15 different languages.

They too boast about their success and according to them, they have inspired twice as many marriages as any other dating site in the world. also has more than enough features to catch and keep your interest. With respect to price, is right in the middle of the online dating entertainment spectrum.

It is affordable enough to give a larger number of people the opportunity to sign up, yet expensive enough to deter timewasters. You are getting the best of both worlds when it comes to price.

Additionally, you get a lot of benefits for your membership subscription making also 100% worth your time and money.

As with eHarmony (and any dating site that we discuss), we recommend that you purchase a six-month membership as this will give you the time that you will need to truly find the right person from quality matches.

In fact, since system is not as comprehensive as eHarmony’s system, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time during the communication process with your potential matches.

It should also be noted that offers a six-month guarantee which takes the anxiety out of online dating.

So if you’re a man looking to marry a woman (or another man) then certainly investing some time in this site will pay off.

Again feel free to pair your membership with a free website such as OkCupid or Plenty of Fish.

Get 25% off using this link.

Click here to check out the complete review of Also check out Match vs eHarmony, Match vs PoF and Match vs OkCupid to see how they compare. This is one of the best dating sites for men hands down.

3., which is a part of the family, is also another dating website that targets single men and women that are truly looking for long-term relationships or even marriages. (We guess the name Chemistry, in this case, is not merely talking about sexual chemistry only). like does not discriminate, as they cater to everyone gay, straight, Christians and so on as long as you live within the United States or Canada.

They too use scientific research to develop their own unique matching methods that have also proven successful.

On average you can expect to go out on about 4 dates in one month while being a member.

They have a good number of unique features that will keep you interested and detailed profiles that really give you a good idea of the type of person that your potential matches are.

Like their membership fees are pretty affordable yet enough to keep the non-serious people out.

They may not have the membership figures that or has, but by no means does this make them an inferior dating website.

If you don’t fish in a smaller pond, then this is your place to be. Try it out for at least six months to get the real benefits of using the site, after all, one month seems like a very short time to search for and find love with an ideal partner.

Now let’s talk about the best dating sites for men that are Free. Click here to check out the complete review of

Also, check out Chemistry vs eHarmony and Chemistry vs Match to see how they compare.

This is one of the best dating sites for men if you are looking for something serious as well.

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Best Dating Sites for Men in 2020: Free Options


With an estimated 32 million members Plenty of Fish has rightfully earned itself the title of being the largest online dating site ever.

Despite being among the best free dating sites with its many active users, this popular dating site accommodates the good, the bad, the in-between and the downright weird.

Plenty of fish is not focused on marrying you off. In fact, they are not even interested in helping you to find a committed partner.

Plenty of Fish members converge here to meet new people, make new friends find committed relationships that can even lead to marriage (yes this does happen) and for the most part, find casual relationships or hookups.

In fact, it appears that casual relationships and hookups are the order of the day on Plenty of Fish.

For some men, this is completely fine in their books, after all not every man is ready (or even willing) to be in a committed relationship let alone get married.

Plenty of Fish is not the best-looking online dating website out there, then again if you are a man that is only looking for a quick hookup, then you will most likely be paying attention to how the women look instead of paying attention to the overall look of the website.

You can rest assured that you will find some gorgeous (and not so gorgeous) women on the site.

Plenty of Fish does not brag about its successes and why should they? We can assume that with that many members there is bound to be a lot of casual hookups, friendship meetings and more.

After all, it is a free site so you should expect that most people are there to mainly have fun and well hookup. For some men, this is heaven on Earth.

If you are not serious about finding true love then this is a cheap (free) way of putting yourself out there and meeting new people and who knows to hook up with a few women or men along the way.

Elite singles may not find the high-quality, romantic partners, needed to get dating experiences leading to a stronger commitment from hookup apps.

Now you can find someone special on Plenty of Fish but you will have to work hard, and we do mean hard at it.

You will also no doubt go through a few timewasters before finding someone serious as this is a free online dating website and this is to be expected.

We do recommend using Plenty of Fish as a great source of meeting new people and getting used to the world of online dating; however, we strongly recommend that you pair your free Plenty of Fish membership with that of a paid service such as Match, eHarmony or Chemistry if you are looking for a more serious relationship.

Additionally, do not forget to set aside at least six months for your search in the online dating world.

Dating online is kind of like dating offline, it still takes time to truly get to know someone. Click here to check out the complete review of POF.

Also, check out Match vs POF to see how they compare. This is one of the best dating sites for men without paying anything in my opinion!

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OkCupid like Plenty of Fish is a completely free online dating website.

Like PoF they are all about helping you to meet new people, make new friends, score a quick hookup or even start the connection with someone that could eventually become your lifelong partner.

They lack the membership figures that PoF has but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Fewer members mean that you will not have to spend that much time going through endless profiles in order to find someone that catches your eye.

What makes OkCupid a good dating site to try out is that they use both your responses and a math-based matching system to match you up with compatible singles.

Using the free version of this best free dating app entails, putting together a detailed dating profile to get a potential match.

It is safe to say that OkCupid does have a lot of promise. Depending on what your needs are you should experience success with this site.

We suggest not setting your goals really high when using this website (or any other free site for that matter) as free websites like these tend to not be focused on marrying you off or paring you with a partner for life.

At best we advise that you go in with an open mind and the main intention of making new friends.

In fact, like Plenty of Fish, we recommend pairing this website with a paid online dating website such as, or, especially if you want a serious relationship.

Look at OkCupid as a place to hang out meet new people make new friends and get your feet wet in the online dating world.

Online daters meet new people in real life on the dating scene as they continue in this task of finding a long-term relationship with like-minded people.

Click here to check out the complete review of Also, check out OkCupid vs POF to see how they compare.

Conclusion on the best dating sites for men! 

Conclusion on the best dating sites for men

From my extensive research, these sites have the best success rates for men!

New users can meet people on a hookup app for casual dating to experience the dating world.

Dating experts recommend, taking note of dating advice and relationship advice culled from reviews gotten from the user base.

Before you leave this space, consider acquainting yourself with the pros and cons of online dating so that you can dispel the loud noise about the dangers of online dating. Do that and you too would come to the realization that dating online is truly worth it .

Male singles find love on social media while being conscious of the terms and conditions involved and also rights reserved.

I hope you all liked my article on the best dating sites for men!

Overall the top two sites that I recommend you guys check out is eHarmony and!

Now get out there guys and find the one for you! If you like this article that I suggest you check out some of my other best articles such as the best dating websites for women seeking men, the best dating websites for young people and the best overall dating websites in my opinion!

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