Best Christian Dating Sites (2019) – The Top 4 Sites overall!

Hey everyone and welcome to my best Christian dating sites article! One would think that single Christian men and women have it easy when it comes to finding a partner, but sadly this is not always the case.

Unfortunately, many Christians, especially single Christian women, complain that they cannot find a suitable partner in their church. This happens for some reasons with the primary cause being a small church membership, with a larger female to male ratio coming in at a close second.

With it being so hard to find love in the church, single Christians have now begun to embrace the excellent opportunities that online dating has to offer.

There are quite a few Christian only dating sites that single Christian men and women can utilize in their search for a suitable partner; however, there are also some non-Christian only websites that do a pretty good job at matching single Christians with other single Christians.

To make your search easier here is an overview of the top Christian dating sites available. You might also enjoy my article on eHarmony vs Christian Mingle vs Christian cafe.

Best Christian Dating Sites

The Top 5 Best Christian Dating Sites of 2019


Surprised? eHarmony is a great website for Christians to meet and connect with other Christians even though they are not explicitly targeting Christians.

Perhaps the main reason is that they have an amazingly complex matching system that they developed through extensive testing of married people – a matching system that works.

With close to 20 million (or even more) members single Christians shouldn’t have too much trouble finding that special someone. Which brings us to the next point, eHarmony places great emphasis on connecting their members with other compatible singles.

eHarmony claims to be responsible for about 4% of all marriages in the United States.

Now that is some pretty good odds whether you are a Christian or not. To get the best out of eHarmony as a Christian it is recommended that you spend about six months on the site as you get to know your matches.

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#2 Christian Cafe

Christian Cafe

The number two spot on my list goes to Christian Cafe. This is a Christian online dating platform that has been around since 1999. It is owned and operated by a Christian couple.

Christian Cafe claims to have been responsible for over 25,000 Christian marriages since its inception. They have a massive amount of testimonials that are evidence of how unique the platform is.

Regarding features that they offer, Christian Cafe has a wide variety of search and filter features compared to other websites on this list. Whereas eHarmony, you sit back and let the matches come to you, with Christian Cafe you need to go out there and find them yourself.

Not that this is a bad thing, the search and filter is extremely exciting and gives you the ability to find the exact person you are looking for as opposed to having a dating machine find one for you.

One of the coolest features of Christian Cafe is that they let you entirely try out their service for ten days free. I highly suggest checking this out as it is number two on my list for fantastic Christian dating sites.


This has got to be the go-to website for most single Christians. For starters, they have been around for almost 20 years, and during that time they have helped thousands of its members to find and connect with compatible single Christians.

This site comes close to the top of the list because it was created specifically for single Christians who are searching for a suitable partner for marriage and lasting Christian friendships.

The website also has a lot of cool features such as their matching system and their fun communication tools.

It must be noted that although Christian Mingle has more women than men, it is still worth joining as it is but one more avenue to use when searching for the right Christian partner.

Given that you might not find the one immediately we suggest spending about six months on the site.

After all six months is enough time to get to know someone, someone who could eventually become the one. Check out Christian mingle here.

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good christian sites to look at

#4 like eHarmony is not a dating site that is solely geared towards attracting Christians only.

Additionally like eHarmony they too are focused on bringing people together primarily for the purpose a long-term relationship or marriage. has also spent a considerable amount of time developing a matching system aimed at putting compatible singles together. is also hugely popular with about 15 million members. Single Christian men and women can take comfort in these figures knowing that it is highly likely that they will be able to find their match by joining the family. is also a trusted online dating site which is one of the main reasons why it is one of the greatest Christian dating sites around.

Take the challenge to find your perfect Christian soul mate by purchasing a six-month membership.

Not only will six months give you enough time to get to know your potential matches, but it also gives you the ability to take advantage of the Match guarantee.

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You can currently get for 25% off here.

Another excellent resource for Christian singles is

Conclusion on the Best Christian Dating Sites

From my research, these dating sites are the best for Christians looking to meet someone. I hope you all liked my article everyone.

Overall my number one website is eHarmony simply because there is such a large number of users on the site that it’s straightforward to find a great match.

The second choice that I recommend is Christian Cafe. This is due to their suite of impressive features and the fact that they give a 10-day free trial as well.

If neither one of these two sites is the right match for you, I suggest checking out Christian mingle and as well.

Now get out there and start looking! You may also enjoy my articles such as the best dating websites for people over 40, over 50 and the best dating websites for women!