Hello everyone and welcome to my JDate review! This review is based on 5 essential criteria for a dating site.

By the end you will know whether Jdate is something you should try.

Created in 1997, JDate.com is an online dating site that was created specifically to bring Jewish singles that are looking for casual dates or lasting relationships together so that they can connect with one another.

During the nearly 20 years since its inception JDate.com became the premier online dating community for single Jewish people. Typically tens of thousands of are logged into JDate.com on a regular basis.

With membership that reaches into the hundreds of thousands JDate.com is one of the leading dating service for singles within every denomination including Culturally Jewish or Orthodox singles. The other leading Jewish dating site is eHarmony which has an even larger Jewish user base.

It must be noted though, that most of their members reside in major metropolitan centers within the United States. Let’s jump right into the JDate Review to see how it compares to other top dating sites!

JDate Review

Ease of use/Site Navigation, Layout and Design

One look at JDate.com and you will realize that the site is very easy to use and navigate. The layout of the site is straightforward allowing its users to effortlessly focus on their match suggestions and search options. Check out the current design of Jdate.

It is actually similar to the design of eHarmony in my opinion although Jdate can be a little more confusing at times.

The site has a simplistic design, allowing you to enjoy its graphics without feeling like the features are being drowned out by the graphics and images.

One of the things that make using the site simple is their keyword search options and advanced settings.

Users can easily sort through their results by using any of the following: profiles with photos, the newest or even closest members and most active members to name a few.

Another helpful feature that helps to make the site more user-friendly and easy to use is its extensive F\frequently Asked Questions sections.

Now this might not sound like something that makes a site easy to use; however, if there is ever something that you need to know or cannot find rest assured that you will find the answers there.


JDate might not enjoy the popularity that some other online dating sites enjoy; however, that get props for being able to attract their target demographic, especially in large cities.

The site does have a membership size of a few hundred thousand which is very encouraging especially when you hear that this website is constantly expanding.

If you live outside the city or want more options for potential matches, you might want to consider eHarmony over Jdate.

Success Rates

A survey commissioned by an independent research company on 1,000 married Jewish internet users. What JDate discovered was incredible.

The findings revealed that JDate was responsible for 52% of marriages that started online (remember that this survey was conducted on married Jewish internet users).

The individuals who were surveyed also noted that they were more likely to find a date through JDate than any other online dating website. In fact more than 60% of all online dates were as a result of using JDate.com or eHarmony.

Here are some other promising results for persons who are considering using JDate to help them find that special someone.

  • Since 2008 5 out of every 9 Jews who got married used online dating during their search (mostly eHarmony and Jdate)
  • More than 60% of online dates among Jews started online
  • Almost 80% of Jews use JDate or eHarmony
  • Here is something even more impressive the President of Match.com also used JDate

How Much Does JDate Cost?

The cost to use JDate.com is around the same as using other dating sites, especially the sites that falls under the Spark Networks umbrella.

A three month subscription to Jdate.com will cost you $36.99 each month. However, you can save money by taking their six month plan (which works out to be $19.99 per month (or one payment of $119.94). Check out the current prices of Jdate. This subscription costs slightly more than the cost of eHarmony where you can get a monthly subscription for as cheap as $8.

Can’t afford to pay for JDate at the moment? Then fear not as they do allow non-paying members to enjoy certain benefits of the site. Premium members will have access to all the benefits that free members enjoy.

is jdate worth it

JDate Review: Features

This JDate.com review found that one of JDate’s best features was the offline meetings and activities that are organized on a monthly basis.

This feature is especially popular with single Jewish people who wish to meet and interact with other single Jewish individuals outside of the online environment.

Another great feature for this community is that JDate lists volunteer and religious outreach opportunities so that their members can play a part in improving their communities.

It also does not hurt that JDate.com has customer service representatives on standby 24/7 to answer your questions. Like other dating sites they too provide communication tools such as chat rooms and live video, secret admirer button, customizable e-cards and of course message boards.

They also have a mobile app for your online dating convenience.

JDate Review Conclusion

If you think that Jdate is something that you would like to try, you can create a free account here to test the waters.

JDate.com is an excellent dating site for members of the Jewish community who would like to connect with someone that shares similar beliefs and who live in large metropolitan cities.

If you do not live in a large city or if you would like more options to choose from, I suggest checking out eHarmony. They have a fantastic success rate among Jewish couples. They have a huge user base and very reasonable monthly prices.

If you are from an area with a small population then it will harder for you to fully enjoy the site because of their regular monthly offline meetings and activities.

This is not to say; however, that you will not find someone, it will just take longer and you will not get to meet a lot of people unless you plan to be in the city at the time of these meetings. Be careful though as there are also non-Jewish members on the site.

If you are just looking to go out on fun dates this JDate.com review suggests that you check out HowAboutWe.com as you can find some interesting date ideas that might catch your interest.

And if you are interested in other mainstream dating sites we suggest that you check out our reviews on match.comeHarmonyChemistry and zoosk reviews! I hope you all enjoyed my JDate review, Have a wonderful day! Also check out my article on the best online dating websites!

  • A large user base for singles in the Jewish community
  • Many communication options such as: e-cards and chat rooms
  • They schedule offline activities on a monthly basis
  • They have a Color Coded Personality Test that gives their users more opportunities to find similar individuals
  • They are regularly adding new features
  • Because of the many offline activities, singles that live in an area with a small population will have a hard time finding a match. This is because most of the offline activities are held in the larger Cities
  • You cannot message someone without first becoming a paid subscriber
  • There are many non-Jewish members, which makes it hard for members who are only looking to date someone with similar beliefs

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