Hey everyone and welcome to my article on the best gay dating sites! Searching a gay partner for a long-term relationship, a casual hookup or to expand your circle of friends is no different from searching through sites such as JDate.com or eHarmony to find that specific group of people to choose from.

Many popular online dating sites are specifically geared towards gay dating that single gay men can choose from, whether they want a long-term boyfriend or a casual encounter.

Now although many online dating sites cater specifically to single men meeting and connecting with other single men, gay men can also benefit from popular online dating sites such as Match.com or OkCupid.com as these online dating services cater to the gay community.

Whether you choose to use a mainstream site that caters to heterosexuals and gays or a site that provides only to gays is entirely up to you, we want to use this forum to enlighten you on the best gay dating sites that also happen to be mainstream dating websites.

Let’s get right into my article on the best gay dating sites! After this, I suggest you check out some comparison articles such as eHarmony vs MatchZoosk vs MatchMatch vs OkCupidMatch vs PoF and Chemistry vs Match!

Best Gay Dating Sites

#1 Match.com (Paid)

Last but certainly not the least is Match.com. Match like Chemistry is a mainstream dating site that also caters to helping gay singles connect in a meaningful way with other gay singles.

It is estimated that Match.com has more than 1 million LGBT members, though there is no exact figure on how many of those members are gay.

These are genuinely some promising figures especially given the fact that Match.com is one of the most trusted online dating sites available.

As a single gay man, you might be more willing to spend your money searching through the selection of Match.com gays as opposed to some of the newer exclusive gay dating sites.

Match does everything that they can to make the user experience of their members as enjoyable and as safe as possible which is why they have a disclosure feature. Although match.com costs more than the other, their features make up for it big time.

This feature gives you the ability to reveal yourself after you have accepted communication. It is this safety feature and their large LGBT membership which genuinely makes Match.com one of the best gay dating sites around. Check out my article on how to get a Match.com 3 day free trial!

Use Match for at least six months to take advantage of their Match guarantee and to get the best online dating results possible. Also if you go through this like, you can get a full 25% off all prices at match. Here is the link for anyone in the UK.

Additionally it does help to complement your Match.com membership with a free site such as OkCupid for diversity. Click here to check out the complete review of Match.com.

#2 OkCupid (Free)

OkCupid is a free online dating site that in addition to catering to heterosexual singles also does a fabulous job of providing to single gay men as well.

OkCupid has grown tremendously starting out with a small collection of men to no having a broader audience of single men which to choose from.

Being a free online dating site does help in attracting this ever increasing audience. With so many gay members on OkCupid finding a guy to grab a drink with on a Friday night is just as easy (or challenging) as finding a guy on an exclusive gay dating site.

OkCupid like other dating sites presents their users with a series of questions that the site uses to match them up with compatible gay singles.

One cool feature about OkCupid is that you can block the profiles of straight visitors and also block them from seeing your profile. Pretty cool huh!

These features make using the site less intimidating for new gay users or those who want to keep a low profile and wish to stay private and puts OkCupid at the top of our best gay dating sites list.

Just remember that OkCupid is a free online dating site so not all single gay men will be looking for a committed boyfriend. They might not all be single gay men.

We strongly recommend that you use OkCupid for at least six months to get the best results.

Additionally since using a free site opens you up to the good, the bad and the downright unimaginable, we also suggest that you use a paid service such as Match.com or Chemistry.com especially if you want a committed long-term boyfriend. Click here to check out the complete review of OkCupid.

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#3 Chemistry.com (Paid)

Chemistry.com has quite a sizeable gay dating member population making it one of the best gay dating sites that charge a membership fee.

Chemistry.com has a very in-depth profile creation as they aim to match you with the most compatible single gay man. Because their profile creation is so detailed, it does take some time to fill out your profile completely, but in the end, it is entirely worth it.

What’s also great about Chemistry.com is that you can check out the guys before you even have to pay a dime. This is great as your Chemistry.com membership is not cheap – worth it but not cheap.

The fact that you have to spend top dollar to use the site means that you will most likely get serious interest from other gay men. When you are ready to take the plunge into initiating communication with a suitable single gay man you can then choose your membership package and enjoy.

Chemistry.com is a great place to meet that special mate as they are more focused on connecting single gay men with other compatible single gay men, unlike a site such as OkCupid that can be seen as a meeting ground for casual hookups.

Pair Chemistry.com with a site such as OkCupid for variety and make sure to use them both for no less than six months to see the results that you desire. Click here to check out the complete review of Chemistry.com as well as the comparison of Chemistry vs eHarmony.

chemistry is a good gay dating site

Conclusion on the Best Gay Dating Sites

From my research, these sites have the highest percentage of people looking for same-sex relationships. Check out all of them to see which one is right for you! I like Match, but they all have their different aspects. I personally like match.com for all of the features that they offer. You can get it here for 25% off. Here is the link to the UK version as well.

I hope you all got something valuable out my article on the best gay dating sites! Make sure to check out my article on the top overall dating websites, the best dating websites for lesbians as well as the best dating websites for young people!