DateHookup Review 2019 – How spicy is it actually?

Hey all and welcome to my Datehookup review 2019!

Launched in early 2002 is a free online dating site primarily geared towards College students and young adults with the majority of its members located within the US.

Your profile comprises 20 different attributes one of them being “I Party” with the options of: “Don’t Say” to “Every Night.”

Having only 20 attributes on your profile to describe yourself and your interests is by no means comprehensive and nothing to brag about, but then again the site is called and not – just saying.

Perhaps this is why you are allowed to have up to 24 profile pictures; this makes sense for a “hook up” site as most people will select a potential date based on looks.

You cannot specify the type of relationship that you are looking for on; but think about it, the site is called so you can safely assume that its members are only looking to “hook up” with other members and are not necessarily looking for long-term love.

On the bright side, gives you multiple communication options for your profile.

Let’s find out and see if this is one of the better dating sites around! Let’s jump right into my Datehookup overview!

DateHookup Review

Datehookup review: Ease of use/Site Navigation, Layout, and Design

This site is quite easy to use and navigate, mostly because the site is a basic no frill dating website.

You can get to the search, online, join and forums section of the website rather easily and there is also a quick login section to the left of your screen which logging in quite convenient.

The site layout leaves much to be desired. Sure it is easily navigated; however, its overly simple design leaves you wondering why this dating site has not moved into the modern ages.

Then again it offers its services for free, and according to its creators, they prefer to spend their efforts on making sure that you have a good user experience.

Additionally, because offers its services for free, its members have to contend with adverts making it unattractive to some users.


It is estimated that has about 1.3 million members. Now admittedly this doesn’t compare to a (won it comes to free websites) or Plenty of Fish, but it too is relatively popular depending on your neighborhood.

Lack of members (or Forbes richest) are typically standing with her while she builds her and the family up.

How Much Does DateHookup Cost?

Using this site will cost you nothing, so this makes it a very attractive place to meet new people and score some dates.

Sure you will not have many of the features that sites such as eHarmony do; however, it does have enough to get you in the game. does offer a few paid services; however, they are optional and will not affect your ability to utilize the site fully.


Surprisingly a review found that the site has quite a few features to brag about.

For starters, their most significant pull is that using the site will cost you nothing. As mentioned before the site is quite simple and easily navigated.

You can customize your user profile to suit your specific tastes. Speaking of profiles, has a decent search option that allows you to search for matches using some different criteria.

They have a friends system; each member gets their Blog, you can save custom searches and get date ideas.

It is also worth mentioning that every user can send and receive messages, something that is not possible with paid websites.

is datehookup worth it

Datehookup Review Conclusion

All in all, if you are still in College, fresh out of College or a young adult who would rather spend money on the date itself instead of on membership for a dating site then this review notes that this is the right place for you.

Sure it is not the best-looking website out there; however, it does get the job done (connects you with people looking to go out on dates).

If you are looking to connect with a more mature crowd and don’t mind paying a membership fee, then its best to explore the eHarmony website.

As with any dating site, isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, it costs you nothing to give it a try.

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  • You can change the look and feel of your profile page to give it a more individualized feeling
  • You can express your opinions via their message forums and message blogs
  • It’s a free dating site, especially for young adults who might want to spend their money on the actual date itself rather than on the process of finding someone
  • You can meet a variety of people from all walks of life
  • The site is filled with ads which tend to interfere with your online dating experience
  • You have to become a member of the website to start searching the dating site. This means that can cheaply boast large membership
  • It is a very basic dating site, as they only give you the bare essentials leaving you both wanting more
  • It’s easy to become overly focused on the next date instead of enjoying someone special

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