Does Zoosk work for online dating? In this article you will find out! You absolutely love using Social Networking services as you clearly understand the power that it has to connect you with individuals with shared interests, backgrounds, activities or even real life connections. You understand (and may even have mastered) how to use the power of social networking to your advantage to propel your career, projects and more. Aside from loving social networking and understanding its great power you are also interested in and ready to dive into the online dating waters in order to find and connect with that special someone that seems to have been eluding you all this time. So naturally you become super intrigued when you realize that there is an online dating site called Zoosk that uses the power of social networking in order to connect you with suitable individuals who share similar dating interests (or you are in your 20s and early 30s and is willing to sign up for just about any social networking platform). In December of 2007 Zoosk was created as an application for the social networking platform Facebook. As the years passed Zoosk steadily grew in its numbers in order to become one of the largest dating sites online. The fact that they are heavily integrated with Facebook certainly helped them to reach this accomplishment, after all many online dating site can “claim” that they are one of the largest; however, not many truly have the numbers to back up their claims. You could check out my other full review on Zoosk here!

Does Zoosk Work

The first thing that you should be aware of is that Zoosk is a relatively free online dating site that uses the power of social networking to connect you with like-minded daters. Now as a “free” online dating site Zoosk will attract every type of individuals and we do mean all types of people: the good, the bad and the “where the hell did you come from and why”. With an estimated 50 million members spanning more than 70 countries and in over 20 different languages you can rest assured that you will meet a wide variety of individuals: gays, lesbians, Christians, singles, married people (yes married people on an online dating site, but hey it is what it is), Jews and more. Now most online dating sites have you connecting via their website, but Zoosk goes a step further, by giving their members the ability to connect via their Smartphones as well as via their PC and other popular devices. Now telling you that they have more than 50 million members is no indication of the number of people that connect on a regular basis, and most can tell you that it is the monthly connects that truly indicates the real popularity of an online dating site. Well not to worry as Zoosk has that covered as well. Currently Zoosk has more than 5 million members that connect to the site on a monthly basis.

Does Zoosk Work without Paying?

As a Zoosk member you are able to use online dating features such as profile creation, search for singles and send introductory messages. You can also download and use their App without paying for membership. However, if you wish to continue the conversation beyond the initial message you must choose and pay for a Zoosk subscription. This is why we initially stated that Zoosk is relatively free as you cannot completely use their services without paying unlike sites such as PoF and OkCupid. You can see how Zoosk stacks up to PoF and OkCupid respectively.

This is where it starts to go downhill for this online dating site. Upgrading to paid membership status means that you can see who has view your profile, get premium placement (being placed at the top of someone’s search results), get full access to sending and receiving messages and winks, the ability to chat with your friends and more. Now it would be fine if all you had to do was pay for a subscription and enjoy the site; however, as your luck would have it (insert sarcasm here) you will also ALWAYS be prompted to purchase Zoosk Coins.

Now if you think that this sounds childish and like a game then your guess is spot on because it is exactly that. Zoosk does things differently from other online dating sites in that they have gamified the online dating process. You can use your Zoosk coins to purchase gifts and winks for someone special, see if they have read your profile and to boost your profile to the top of searches. You can get Zoosk coins by two means: purchasing them or by logging in and performing certain daily activities. We found the constant notifications to purchase Zoosk coins annoying, especially since we already had a paid account. We would have easily understood if Zoosk constantly bombarded their free members with Zoosk Coins purchases; however, we just found it distasteful and incredibly annoying that as paid members we constantly had to deal with information prompting us to purchase Zoosk Coins.

is zoosk worth it

Does Zoosk Work for finding good matches?

Another thing that most Zoosk members (both free and paid) find annoying is that seemingly endless amount of fake profiles that can be found on this dating site. Now to be fair it is a free dating site and as such fake profiles is a part of the package, it is just unfortunate that on Zoosk it feels like they have more fake profiles than they do real ones. We surmise that it would be easier to overlook those fake profiles if using the site were truly free and you could send more than just introductory messages and winks.

Something else to consider is the type of people that you are most likely to meet on Zoosk. There have been countless complaints (we really are not kidding here) about the maturity level of the men and woman, mostly the women on the site. So in addition to the seemingly endless fake profiles, when you actually find someone “real” to speak with you find that having a conversation with that person is like speaking to a high school teenager. Now based on the whole design of the site, the gamification of online dating, the heavy social networking integration that tends to appeal to the younger generation we can see why, for want of a better word, the site appears to be filled with immature individuals.

Does Zoosk Work?

Overall Zoosk is only somewhat free as to fully benefit from all the features that this site has to offer you will need to spend what can easily amount to a small fortune. Although Zoosk has its fair share of success stories, sadly there are far too many scams, fake profiles and immature people to truly say that this site will lead to online dating success. What it will do; however, is get you acquainted with the online dating universe (if you are new to online dating) and provide you with another online dating option.

If you are truly serious about finding that special someone then we recommend using a paid online dating service such as or even However, if you’re just looking to hangout, make friends or casual relationships then you should be considering sites such as PoF or OkCupid as they do a much better job at connecting you with real matches, for free, and you truly don’t have to pay a dime to completely enjoy the site. Sp…does zoosk really work? Sometimes yes but there are better options out there for sure. I suggest you check out some of my comparison articles such as: eHarmony vs MatchZoosk vs PoFZoosk vs OkCupid and Zoosk vs Match! I hope you find the right dating website for you!