Hey all and welcome to my article on What Makes a Good Boyfriend! Finding the perfect boyfriend, that prince charming, is by no means an easy task. It also doesn’t help that when you do find that perfect man he seems to almost always belong to someone else. We are sure that in your quest to find that perfect boyfriend you have stopped to ask yourself “what makes a good boyfriend”? Luckily there are quite a few qualities and traits that good boyfriends possess that can help you on your quest to find your Mr. Right.

The main thing that you need to remember in your search for the perfect boyfriend is that we all have flaws, so believing that everyone is perfect is foolish. Oh we should also be clear that when you are searching for that great guy you should ensure that you too have what it takes to be great woman yourself. You should also know that sometimes the things that we see as flaws might actually be ignorance. Sometimes the guy simply has no clue what a woman wants, even if he is trying his very best to learn how to please her. The good news is that in every man there lies a great boyfriend, all he has to do is to choose to become the boyfriend of your dreams; without losing himself of course.

Before we go into what makes a good boyfriend we must say that there are times when no matter how hard you try to get a relationship to work it might not happen as that person may be too stuck in his ways and too unwilling to change. If that is the case then it is in your best interest to simply cut your losses and move on and work on finding someone who you are more compatible with. If you just started dating a guy that you met online or offline then feel free to use the following qualities as a reference point to help you to determine whether or not you have landed a good boyfriend and if he is a good fit for you or not.

The qualities that we have listed aren’t qualities that are intangible to humans nor are these expectations too ambitious to expect from a man. If the man that has caught your eye is truly a good boyfriend then these qualities will already be within him. Now do not think that he has to have every single quality on this list, as a few missing qualities (depending on the quality and its importance to you) is okay; however, if he is missing a lot of these qualities then move along. Let’s get right into the list of What Makes a Good Boyfriend! Also make sure to check out some of my other articles including romantic evening ideas, online dating profile tips, first message tips and the best first date ideas article.

What Makes a Good Boyfriend

He Communicates

If there is one quality that a man should absolutely possess for him to be considered a good boyfriend, it has to be the ability to communicate. This is because all relationships are built on two things communication and understanding. A great boyfriend will therefore love talking with his girlfriend. He will always have something to talk about with his girlfriend whether or not something new happened. The most important thing that a boyfriend like that wants to understand you and wants you to understand him when he communicates with you.

He Listens to You

A good boyfriend is one who is willing to listen to you. He wont assume that he knows everything, he is willing to hear and consider your point of view, especially if it involves a decision that will affect the both of you.

He is Romantic

A good boyfriend is one who isn’t afraid to be a romantic gentleman to his love interest/girlfriend. He isn’t afraid to do things that other men would consider sappy or old-fashioned. There are guys who will just stop trying once they have won the hart of their woman; however, doing this tends to lead to relationship issues later on. A good boyfriend will never take a back seat and stop trying as soon as he has won your heart.

He Shows Interest in Your Life

Okay ladies question time. Does your boyfriend ask you about things that are happening in your life daily? One of the signs of a good boyfriend is that he is always interested in the things that goes on in his girlfriend’s life on a daily basis. To some this might seem annoying and intrusive (yes it really can be if overdone); however, this is merely a sign that he misses you and cares to hear about your day.

He Brings Out the Best in You

A loving boyfriend will always try to motivate you to be the very best person that you can possibly be and help you to reach your fullest potential. What a good boyfriend will never do is to belittle you or call you incompetent or do anything to prevent you from reaching your full potential.


He Has His Own Life Goals

Speaking of goals and ambitions; what makes a good boyfriend, in addition to helping you with your goals is a man who also has his own set of life goals that he is working towards. He is not complaining about the unfairness of life, instead he takes control and makes the best of what he has been given.

He Doesn’t Force You

Some women are in relationships where they are forced to things that they would otherwise not do. Well ladies a what makes good boyfriend is a man who would never, ever force you to do anything that you don’t want to do, period. What he might do; however, is to give you his advice or try to convince you why he thinks that doing something right or why you need to do something. He will never try to threaten or otherwise manipulate you into doing something against your will.

He Notices You

Is you boyfriend able to realize that you cut your hair or that you bought a new dress? If he does then congratulations you have yourself a good boyfriend on hand. A good boyfriend is very observant and will notice everything about you, even the small things that you might not notice yourself.

He Shows You the Respect that You Deserve

Does your boyfriend ogle at other women in your presence? Does he speak negatively about you to his friends, or puts you in a bad light with them? A good boyfriend respects you and would never disrespect you to your face or behind your back.

He Has Time For You

Yes we know that people are really busy these days and your boyfriend is no exception. However, if he is a good boyfriend he WILL make time for you no matter what. Maybe this means him staying up a bit later than usual, or waking up earlier. It could be that he spend a few minutes or a few hours with you. Now this doesn’t have to be face to face interactions all the time as a simple phone or Skype call will do. Now what is important for you to remember is that a good boyfriend will do this without you having to nag him about it. A good man does this because he wants to.

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He is not Stubborn and Makes Compromises for you

A good boyfriend is one who is stubborn with matters that involve his ambitions and determinations; however, he is not stubborn (well overly stubborn) when it comes to life plans with his woman or making decisions with her. Of course this certainly doesn’t mean that he is always going to do what his girlfriend wants, it simply means that he is willing to compromise. In his relationship with you, his girlfriend compromise is the name of the game. He understands that sometimes he will have to make sacrifices at times and that he might have to do something that he doesn’t like simply because he knows that it means a lot to you and/or it will make you happy.

He Wants You to Be Independent

Your boyfriend may want to be with you all the time; however, he also wants you to get the space that you need in order to pursue your dreams. Sure he loves you and sure he will miss being around you, but he knows that it is important that you live your own life, even if that means spending some time without him.

He Doesn’t Want to Control You

So let’s say you find the man of your dreams. In the first few months everything is perfect; but as time goes by you realize that he starts to control you. First in subtle ways, then in more apparent ways. Ladies good boyfriends do not do that. Good boyfriends never try to control their girlfriends at all. If you realize that your boyfriend is being controlling speak with him about it. If he refuses to change then it is best you both part ways.

He Makes you Feel Loved and Secured

A good boyfriend will do all that he can to make you feel loved. He will show his love with his actions and words. Just remember that he will not always show you his love in large ways so be appreciative of the little things as well.

He Takes Pride in His Appearance for You

Does your boyfriend take the time out to properly groom himself when he comes over to our place? If yes then perfect you have found yourself a rare good boyfriend. This is because what makes a good boyfriend is a man who takes pride in his appearance.  A good boyfriend will also work out in order to stay fit and healthy because he wants to appeal to you. Of course he should also be doing this for himself as well.

He isn’t Lonely

Come on ladies who wants to date a man who has no life, who has literally all the time in the world to spend with you. Okay so sure in the beginning it might seem like a good thing, your man spending endless amounts of time with you, but eventually it could leave you feeling like you can’t breathe if he is always in your space. If you are dating a lonely guy find out why he is so lonely. It could be because he is an introvert or antisocial, or worse aggressive or manipulative.

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He Isn’t Addicted to Anything

Far too many guys allow their lives to get away from them because they let their addictions take over their lives. If you notice that your boyfriend is overly addicted to something then it is time to walk away. A good boyfriend is able to take control over the things that he likes so that he is not addicted to them.

He Keeps His Word

A good boyfriend will always keep his promise. He will never go back on his word. He has principles that guides him in life and he sticks to them. This is something thaat you can even notice from the first date. Such as did he call you when he said he would, was he on time etc.

He Calls You

Speaking of calling. This sounds silly but a good boyfriend will make sure that he stays in touch with you. He will call you and give you updates on the things that are happening in his life. To him there is never a need to be secretive with you, he will never avoid your calls, even if he is out with his friends. Good boyfriends don’t ignore or shut the women in their lives out. This is very important for what makes a good boyfriend.

He is Good Between the Sheets

A good boyfriend is not afraid to be creative in order to keep your sex life fresh and fun. He does this without asking because he understands that sex is an important part of the relationship and because he wants to maintain a happy and active sex life.

You Are Important to Him

A good boyfriend who loves you and sees a future with you will show you that you are important to him. He will not put trivial things in front of you, because you mean a lot to him. This might be the most important thing for what makes a good boyfriend!

Final Thoughts on what Makes a Good Boyfriend

Ladies, we would just like to emphasize that this is not a one-size-fits all description of what makes a good boyfriend, nor is this a comprehensive list. We know that some of these qualities will mean more to some women than others, and we are also aware of the fact that different cultures will place greater value on some qualities than others and that is completely fine. This list is merely to be used as a guidelines to know whether or not the man that you are dating has the qualities of a good boyfriend or not. Also please bear in mind that your boyfriend need not have everything on this list to be considered a good boyfriend. As long as he has the most important qualities to you, then that is all that matters. At the very least ladies you can use this list to weed out the bad boyfriends in your lives. I hope you all liked my article on What Makes a Good Boyfriend!

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