SpeedDate Review – Is faster better?

Hey everyone and welcome to my SpeedDate Review!

SpeedDate.com is a speed-dating website whose goal is to make it fast and easy to meet singles in your area.

The website’s tagline is “Real Dates in Real Time” and to be honest they are true to their tagline, and it’s an accurate description of their website.

If you have ever speed-dated in a bar before then, you will be more than familiar with the concept of this website.

For those who are new to the speed-dating concept, SpeedDate.com allows you to go on several 5-minute dates without even leaving the comfort of your home.

This is done via live audio, instant messaging or webcam video chat. Signing up for the site is easy as filling out a basic profile will take you less than 5 minutes.

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Let us get right into my Speeddate breakdown!

SpeedDate Review

Ease of use: Site Navigation, Layout and Design

At first, the SpeedDate.com website looks excellent. It has an array of photographs of singles looking for other singles, with most of them looking quite decent.

Then you scroll down to see the rest of the site and begin to wonder what happened and why it all went downhill so fast.

The beautiful pictures that you see quickly transition into a medium to the light blue background which might have been bearable had the words not been white.

Everything that falls below the pictures is simply hard to look at.

Additionally, the site’s links are overlooked because of the poor choice of colors. One would think that using the site couldn’t get any more annoying, but then it does.

To set up a date you must create a user profile. No to be fair to SpeedDate.com, it must be noted that this restriction is not unique to them as other sites use the same strategy.

Sadly the look of the website is not encouraging enough to overlook this small annoyance.


SpeedDate.com labels itself as one of the fastest growing dating sites.

According to their website, they have over 13 million members with thousands joining on a daily basis.

This isn’t unbelievable as you must create a profile to go out on dates. Now here is something interesting: SpeedDate once hosted 60 million online dates.

Within 1 hour the site’s users met up to 15 people using instant messaging and live video chat. Not bad indeed.

Success Rates

It is kind of difficult for this SpeedDate review to give an estimate on the success rates that SpeedDate.com has because of the very nature of the site itself.

Remember the site aims to have you meet people by going out on quick online dates until you find someone (and they find you) that you would like to connect with.

This site is not trying to help you to find the love of your life. If we are to judge it on getting us dates, then we can say the site is a success.

This review cannot say how much dates lasted more than 3 to 5 minutes.

It should be noted that like other dating sites SpeedDate.com also showcases their reported success stories.

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How much does SpeedDate Cost?

There are two main types of membership on SpeedDate.com: Free and Paid membership.

Free members can completely use and enjoy the site without the need to upgrade to paid membership.

Free members can: create a profile, chat with other members on a maximum of 5-minute dates, send and receive emails and contact some members.

Upgrading to paid membership status will give you some additional benefits. The estimated membership costs are as follows:

  • One month = $29.95
  • Three months = $19.95 per month
  • Six months = $15.95 per month
  • Twelve months = $12.95 per month

For each membership type, the fees must be paid in one payment installment.

Paid membership will give you additional perks such as the ability to see who has viewed your profile, who wants to date you, choose who exactly you would like to date, the ability to contact all SpeedDate.com members, chat and message people after you date them and more.

is speeddate worth it


The features that SpeedDate offers are the typical features offered by most dating sites.

The only thing that truly sets SpeedDate apart is the ability to go on speed-dates via instant messaging, live audio or webcam video.

Aside from that, they have the typical features such as, profile creation, messaging members, searching through members’ profiles, sending and receiving emails, seeing who view your profile (paid members only), see who wants to date you (paid members only) and more.

SpeedDate Review Conclusion

Based on my SpeedDate review, SpeedDate is not worth your time if you are remotely serious about finding a meaningful relationship.

Even if you would like to merely hookup with someone the very layout and design of the SpeedDate.com website makes other options such as OkCupid.com a more appealing option.

If you want to mess around online and go on multiple “living room” dates then, by all means, go ahead as the concept of 5-minute dates can be fun; but for how long?

The challenge with these types of dates is that for most people the novelty will quickly disappear.

It would also be wise to refrain from becoming a paid member as it hardly seems worth it.

For starters, there have been far too many complaints about poor quality service from former members.

There is also no significant benefit to paying for a SpeedDate membership when other sites offer far more features and perks.

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I hope that you all got something great out of my Review! Hope you have a great day!

  • A fun dating concept (if you are into that kind of thing)
  • Decent search options
  • Easy to set up your profile and get started
  • Filled with immature individuals
  • Far too many complaints about being ripped off
  • The site is filled with sketchy individuals

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